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Shane Carwin, the former UFC interim heavyweight is training hard for his golden opportunity, a fight against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131 on June 11.   Carwin replaces the ill Brock Lesnar in a fight that could decide the next opponent for UFC HW champ Cain Velasquez.

In the following videos, Episodes 1 and 2 of Camp Carwin, you can take an inside peek at how one of the hardest hitting heavyweights, a man with the strength of a "silverback gorilla, trains.

Couple of nice videos from doggedtv on YouTube.  Anderson Silva and Fabricio Werdum training at Kings MMA.  First video shows ground work, second one is all about the stand up.

Want to be able to leg lock people like Bas Rutten?  Well now you can.  Check out this leg lock instructional video by the former UFC and Pancrase champion.  Good stuff.

THQ and Zuffa, LLC have created a new video game called UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System.  The game was designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, who consulted with such stellar MMA trainers as Greg Jackson, Mark DellaGrotte and Javier Mendez.  The game will be available on all three platforms, XBOX 360 Kinect, PS 3 Move and Nintendo Wii.

Here's a first look video.  Train hard!

Fedor is training hard in Holland, and this latest video shows him hitting the mitts.  Also there are Remco Pardoel and Mikhail Abdul.  For old school fans, Remco is a trip down memory lane.  Who could ever forget those vicious elbows that knocked out Orlando Weit?

Here's the video of Fedor ripping up the pads.

Carmine Zocchi is a former MMA fighter and BJJ blackbelt who also happens to be an excellent BJJ/MMA instructor.  He's also a good friend of mine and I've featured him on here several times in the past.  Today I am happy to announce that Carmine Zocchi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has moved locations from Brooklyn to Queens, NY and is now open to the public.  Carmine teaches both gi and no-gi classes and is always on the mats with his students.  If you live in NY and want to learn BJJ from a top teacher, definitely check out his school.

I stopped by the place on Saturday on the way to the Evolution Fighting Championships and did an interview with Carmine.  Here it is.


Yesterday, the 10th of March, marked the 71st birthday of traditional martial arts pioneer and film star Chuck Norris.

Whether you remember him as the middleweight champion of the International Karate Championships (IKC) in the late 60's, his role as Bruce Lee's arch-rival in Way of the Dragon (a.k.a. Return of the Dragon in the states), for the cult classic "Missing in Action" war flicks, his more recent stint on the series Walker, Texas Ranger, or for just having a reputation as a commendable human being for all of his charity work and donations -- Chuck Norris has made his mark on the world.

To pay tribute to this epic legend, I've compiled a video collection of some of his greatest hits.  First up is a BJJ demo with Carlos Machado circa 1991, followed by another in 1992 where he starts off with a hip toss and transitions to an armbar, defends a takedown with a sprawl and a standing guillotine, then shows off his submission arsenal from his guard.  The icing on the cake is Norris hitting a flying armbar.  There is also footage from the BIO channel of some of Chuck's karate tournaments with personal commentary, his choreography with Bruce Lee from their film, and the last clip shows a brief appearance by the Machado brothers on an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.

Happy Birthday Sensei Norris! Enjoy the videos.

Rafael Feijao Cavalcante is training hard for Saturday's Strikeforce title defense against legendary Dan Henderson.  In this video he's seen crushing the pads while making the kind of noises that would get him kicked out any Planet Fitness gym.  Check it out.


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