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Want to wreck guys like Rich Franklin from the clinch?  Well, now you can!  Just watch this Anderson Silva instructional where he demonstrates the ins and outs of the over-under clinch.  Commence pummeling!

Greg Jackson is arguably MMA's top trainer.  He currently trains, among many others, UFC champs Georges St. Pierre and Jon "Bones" Jones.  In this video, you get an inside glimpse of how Jackson trains his guys.  This is great stuff.

Fedor Emelianenko appears to be in great shape for this Saturday's fight against Dan Henderson at Strikeforce in Chicago. He held an open workout yesterday and looked sharp and crisp with his punching.  Will the Last Emperor return to form against Hendo?  We'll find out in 2 days.  But if the following video is any indication, it looks like he's ready to get back in the win column and make a big statement.

Matt Mitrione uses Pat Barry has a grappling dummy in this new TapouT VTC instructional video.  Matt shows how to survive after a knockdown by using an upside down guard sweep.  Good stuff, and he might just find it useful when he takes on hard-hitting Cheick Kongo in October at UFC 137.  The only thing missing is a gratuitous shot of Pat Barry in his underwear.  Oh well, can't have everything!  Here's the vid.

Ryan Bader is coming off back to back losses in the UFC, but he is still a top contender and a very highly skilled competitor.  Bader is now working with the TapouT Virtual Training Center, and is teaching people how to sprawl and brawl. We have two instructional videos for you.  In the first Ryan shows how to get a trip while using double underhooks on your opponent.  In the second, it's all about the sprawl.  Really good stuff.  Check it out.

Greg Jackson is one of MMA's top trainers.  His stable includes champions Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones, among many others.  Greg is also one of the instructors at TapouT VTC, an online training center that offers training videos from over 25 MMA pros like Matt Mitrione, Ryan Bader, Pat Barry, and a ton of others.  They also have fitness plans, nutritional tips, exclusive interviews, etc.  In the following videos, Greg Jackson teaches you how to armbar an opponent from your guard, and how to sweep or submit someone with an omaplata.  Enjoy!

Vitor Belfort wants to forget about his KO loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 126 back in February.   His next fight is on August 6 at UFC 133 against Yoshihiro Akiyama.  He's training hard in an effort to ensure that he gets back in the win column.  Check out this video of Vitor talking with MMAHeat's, Karyn Bryant and training for Akiyama.

New Bodylastics video featuring former UFC LHW Rashad Evans working out with Mike Van Arsdale.  Rashad is preparing for his upcoming fight with Phil Davis.

Steven Seagal is Under Seige.  Many MMA fans reject the idea that he is seriously training Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva and improving their games.  They feel that Seagal is "trolling" the MMA world along with the help of the two superstars and doesn't really have anything to offer.  However, both Lyoto and Anderson seem to pay close attention when Seagal speaks and they've made the Executive Decision to keep him around during the training camps.  Plus they both finished their last opponents with a kick that they Seagal credit for refining for them.

For his part, Seagal certainly seems to take this stuff very seriously.  In the following video he works with Lyoto Machida, making the elusive Brazilian karate man even more Hard to Kill.  Check it out.


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