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Are you an Alpha or a Beta?  Rampage Jackson is an Alpha.  So if you hate on him, that makes you a Beta.. Betas hate on Alphas, just ask Rampage.  Or better yet, check out this Alpha Music video featuring the Howling Alpha, Quintin Rampage Jackson.

Fans lined up and waited for hours in Melbourne, Australia, meet and greet UFC legend turned executive Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell.  Liddell took the time to sign autographs and interact with fans, and the local news did a piece on Chuck as he tries to keep the UFC growing around the world.  Here's the video.

Anderson Silva celebrates his lovely daughter's 15th birthday with a dance.  Forget about Chuck Liddell, get Anderson on Dancing with the Stars.  He's got skills!

The Polish journalist you will see in this video got a litte more than he bargained for when he took down Alistair Overeem at a seminar.  File this under: What Were You Thinking?

There are two people inside Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva.  There's the nice guy, let's call him Wanderlei Silva, and there's the Axe Murderer, who we'll call, well, the Axe Murderer.  Usually Wanderlei can keep the Axe Murderer bottled up inside until he unleashes him on fight nights inside the Octagon, but every once in a while some moron will attempt to turn Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.  Which is exactly what happened on a recent plane trip that Silva took where he found himself sitting next to a very rude man.  A man who nearly committed "suicide by Wanderlei."

Wand recounts the story to Karyn Bryant of  It's a classic.  Check out the video.

Rener Gracie is quite the joker.  He did a masterful job pranking people at his academy.  From his YouTube channel:

Recently, we started selling a grappling dummy, nicknamed "Bubba Gracie" for dedicated Gracie University students who live in the middle of nowhere but can't find a training partner. When the first prototype dummy arrived at the Gracie Jiu-JItsu Academy, it looked so life-like that we had an idea for an ingenious prank. In this hilarious video, Rener Gracie and Brian "T-city" Ortega, from the Gracie Academy, join forces with Bubba Gracie for the best prank ever conducted in Gracie Family history. Included on the list of people who got "punk'd" are the following:

- Rorion Gracie - The Grand Master
- Ryron Gracie - 5th Degree Black Belt
- Eve Torres - WWE Diva and GJJ Blue Belt
- Mike Saffaie - Strongest Student at the Academy
- Billy Graziadei - Guitarist from world famous band "Biohazard"
- John Boyd - Black Belt Instructor, aka "Uncle John"
- along with several other students, and friends of the Gracie Academy!

You will not believe how funny their reactions are. Check out the video and be sure to share it with your friends!

If you train Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and you need a friend to drill with at your house, check out --- He's 6'2'', he comes with his very own Gracie Gi, and he never taps out!

Check out the video:

Josh Barnett has made a career out of breaking people's facing, and now he is giving something back.  Apparently, Dr. J is a practicing if not actually licensed physician.  In the following video you will see him using ordinary household objects, two ballpoint pens actually, to aid him in repairing a broken nose. The nose in question was the victim of a "bad snatch experience" and required immediate attention.  This video is not for the squeamish.

Jon Jones is not only the UFC LHW champion, he is also a rising star in Tinseltown.  He is currently in a round of talks with Warner Brothers about some acting projects.  Jones already has an acting reel, what with the Bud Light commercial, which you can view after the jump.  We also have his video interview with Karyn Bryant of where he talks about his burgeoning acting career.

Urijah Faber and Jon "Bones" Jones want to teach you how to Dougie.  In this video, the two MMA superstars put on their dancing shoes and cut a rug for fans.  Want to Dougie?  Watch this video.


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