Funny MMA Videos

Are you afraid of spiders?  You should be, as this hilarious video shows.  Props to FreeFights4You for making this video.  Check it out.

American Top Team is one of the premier MMA training camps in the world.  But as this video shows, there is more to ATT fighters than meets the eye.  Keep an eye on these guys as they literally flip their lids in a display that would have Olympic judges giving them 10s.  Here's the video:

Brock Lesnar is back!  He says he wants to be the UFC heavyweight champion again, and feels like a "new man" after surgery for his diverticulitis.  To celebrate his come back, he blew up small critters with big bullets.  Nothing says I'm back like blowing up some prairie dogs!  Here's the vid.

What did the car ever do to him?  Stop being a bully, Anderson!  Video after the jump.

Japan is known for its great MMA, as well as for its more bizarre stunts that go on to become Internet memes.  The following video combines the two, as 3 Japanese comedians, with headgear, take on a female Korean kickboxer, with no headgear, for a TV show in Japan. Supposedly, the Korean fighter expected the bout to be a "work" with no hard strikes being thrown, but she found herself in a very tough fight as the comedians came at her with everything, and showed some actual skills of their own.  The end result was that the Korean fighter wound up getting injured, which caused an international incident between Japan and South Korea.

The only thing missing from this whole thing was a live squid.  Here's the vid.

Tito Ortiz just lost a fight to Rashad Evans but he's still a bad mudder jumper.  Shaq found out the hard when he was talking shit about MMA fighters and Tito over heard.  Check out what happens next.

Anderson Silva is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist ever.  He's been the UFC middleweight champ since 2006, and is still going strong.  At UFC 134 in Rio later this month, Silva will be defending his title against a man who "beat" him, Yushin Okami.   In their first meeting, Silva landed an illegal upkick that knocked out Okami and resulted in a loss for Anderson.  Still, there are many people who believe that Okami has a good chance of winning this fight, and as we've learned about MMA, stranger things have happened.

Speaking of strange things, check out this video of Anderson Silva "training" for Yushin Okami.

Man's best friend can also serve as a good rolling partner, as the guy in this video demonstrates with his pooch.  Some nice moves by the doggie.  Actually the dog has an advantage by having a tail, or the fifth hook, as it's known.

Once was not enough for radio host Jim Norton when it came to be choked by Rashad Evans.  Notice I didn't say choked out, because Norton tapped his way out of the hold.  Twice.  First time was a head and arm choke, then a triangle.  When these radio guys ask to be choked, they should at least go all the way out.  Come on, Jim.  Be a man!


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