I remember when Gina Carano was just getting popular, MMA media asked male fighters what they thought of women in MMA. Most of the fighters all agreed they didn't like the girls fighting and to leave this one thing to the men. Carano, known as a very attractive fighter, responded simply "Men get to stand up when they pee, that's their one thing!" What a great answer ! Maybe our culture isn't use to women fighting but that doesn't make it right ! We are wrong for not being open to it. Women's MMA is always been very exciting, those girls are extremely technical and leave it all in the ring. Carano vs Cyborg was an amazing fight that head lined a Strikeforce card. The women need more depth and that seems to be a problem with their growth.

A woman vs a man is probably not going to happen in MMA anytime soon, if at all. But, in Brazil it's totally a different atmosphere. This video has been around for a couple of years, but has re-surfaced again. After re-watching it, I just had to share it. I don't know how this man agrees to fight a female, there is no positives for him. Knock her out or choke her and you look like a jerk, or lose to her and lose any macheesemo he ever had and always be known as the dude who lost to a female.  That his choice, and I thank him because I love this video.

Enjoy !



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