Former two-weight UFC champion and reigning heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has many questions floating around, mostly concerning the next step in his career. On August 17 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, the 40-year-old faces off against Stipe Miocic at UFC 241, with the fight coming later than the champ had previously planned.

It is well-known that Cormier wanted to retire before or shortly after his 40th birthday, with plans to fight Brock Lesnar in March. But Lesnar’s return to the WWE and Cormier’s surgery stopped the fight from taking place. Instead, he’s given Miocic a shot at the belt that he won from his upcoming foe.


The fight against Miocic won’t be easy, and there are rumours that he may switch to the WWE after his next fight – reinforced by Triple H publically offering Cormier a switch – but there’s also the developing story that Jon Jones may be on his hit list.

Retirement may depend on victory

Stipe Miocic is not an easy foe, despite Daniel Cormier’s first-round knockout of the former champ at UFC 226. Few expected Cormier to make such short work of Miocic, and there’s a sense that the fallen heavyweight belt holder will put in a much more vigilant and calculated showing this time.

If Cormier wins, it may be the best way for him to bow out. Despite having to endure a great deal to make weight at light heavyweight and then stepping up another level into heavyweight, Cormier totes a superb record of 22-1.

Retiring at 23-1 as the heavyweight champion would be the perfect way to leave the UFC. Then, he could be free to pursue that long-awaited matchup with Brock Lesnar, but in the WWE. Cormier will most likely be the favorite in the UFC predictions to win, but if Miocic defies the odds and expectations, a part three could be on the cards.

If Cormier does win, there is, however, one blemish on the ‘DC’ record.

Jon Jones. Cormier vs Jones III?

Jon Jones has earned his place back in the UFC once again, defeating Alexander Gustafsson for a second time, Anthony Smith, and Thiago Santos since December 2018. His latest victory, against Santos, is somewhat contentious due to Jones’ opponent obliterating his ACL, MCL, and PCL in the first round of the fight but still going the distance.

With Cormier’s fight coming up and Jon Jones’ schedule now free while he recovers, it seems destined for the two to meet next. The two fought twice at light heavyweight, with Jones winning by decision in the first fight and by knockout in the second fight – which was ruled a no-contest by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) due to Jones’ failed drug test.

The two have a genuine, long-running feud, and now that Cormier has control by being the champion, he has stated that it would take a lot of money to get him to duel Jones again. Ever the gentleman, Cormier has also said, in the video above, that if the fight did occur, he wouldn’t force ‘Bones’ to step up to heavyweight, but that he would need time to drop down to 205-lbs.

Everything appears to have aligned for Cormier and Jones to battle again, but ultimately, Cormier is now 40-years-old and has accomplished a near-perfect career. If the Miocic bout is much more difficult than last time – which it most likely will be – Cormier may decide that now is the best time to bow out.



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