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Back when Lyoto Machida won the UFC LHW title, Joe Rogan uttered the fateful words: "Welcome to the Machida Era."  Unfortunately for Machida, that era didn't last very long, courtesy of an obliteration by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.  The Rua era never did get off the ground either, because Jon "Bones" Jones worked him over and took his crown.  Now, after a successful title defense against Rampage Jackson, Jones truly looks poised to begin a new era in the UFC.  The Jones era.

Jonny Bones looked amazing last night.  His physical attributes, coupled with his strong Greco wrestling skills and ever improving striking, make it seem a lock for him to dominate his division for years to come.  Rampage never could get anything started last night.  Jones kept him off balance with a wide variety of striking techniques, and then, when Jackson did manage to close the distance, he had to deal with Jones' ridiculously sick clinch game.  For Rampage it was like jumping back and forth between the frying pan and the fire.

In the forth round, Jones was able to get Jackson's back and the rear naked joke was not far behind.  After the fight Rampage said that he was in great shape and truly believed he'd beat Jones, but that the hype is real.

Next up for Bones is a guy who has been "raining on his parade."  That would be Suga Rashad Evans.  The drama of their once cozy but now soured relationship is sure to make the build up for upcoming fight a true Internet saga.  Let the hype begin!

And welcome to the Jon "Bones" Jones era.  Check out some Rampage vs. Jones pics after the jump.

(All pics from Jack Dempsey Associated Press)



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