After a unanimous decision victory over Michael Bisping at UFC 110 in February of last year, Wanderlei Silva had surgery on his knee that has sidelined him for over a year.

In the video posted after the break, much to his delight, Wand gets the green light from his doctor to return to training.  There's some great footage of Silva meeting up with his longtime coach Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA and training with Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum.  Not surprisingly, Silva spars hard, and even Werdum admits that the former Pride champion raises the level of intensity everytime he participates.

At 33-10-1, there was only one time Wanderlei was absolutely trounced in a fight, which was against Vitor Belfort at UFC 17.5 in Brazil, where he ate a devastating flurry of punches for a TKO loss in less than a minute.  Wanderlei eventually rose to prominence by dominating Pride's middleweight (205-pounds) division while Belfort had more of an erratic career.

Speaking with, Wanderlei stoked the fire for a rematch by asking Belfort, "Where are you running to?" Later, Vitor quickly accepted the challenge, however, rumors of a Belfort vs. Bisping match have also surfaced.

The UFC's impending return to Brazil for a show in Rio De Janeiro sets the perfect stage for a Silva-Belfort rematch.

Points of interest in the video:  Olympic gold medalist Judoka Satoshi Ishii is depicted in the video, surely preparing for his upcoming bout in the April 1st "Strikeforce: Challengers" card against Scott Lighty.  Also, in the time that Wanderlei's been recovering, he's spent more time behind camera in clips like this as well as his new "Fighter Life" reality show.

During his reign in Pride, you might imagine Wanderlei "the person" being as primitive and brutal as Wanderlei "the fighter".  I'm imagining a man locked inside a cage who only makes grunting and growling noises while devouring the occasional scrap of raw meat; rolling his wrists with an intense stare and whittling the days away by clubbing unfortunate visitors with his savage Muay Thai.

These videos have really showed the mind behind "The Axe Murderer", and I've found the wisdom and enlightenment he's gained through his years of fighting to be thoroughly enthralling.  The MMA icon who once simply "promised violence" now promises to entertain you with his character as well.


Video from the WandFightTeam Youtube Channel.

Original Silva photo from Ken Pishna of MMAWeekly.



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