Pay-Per-View event McCorkle vs. Heden: Fighting for a Better World official results

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LITTLE FALLS, NJ – March 31, 2012 – Worldwide Mixed Martial Arts Sports, Inc. (WMMA) took a giant leap towards revolutionizing the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) on Saturday, March 31st with their first pay-per-view (PPV) event at the Don Haskins Center located on the beautiful campus of the University of Texas El Paso.

The David vs. Goliath story of Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle vs. the hard-hitting Brian Heden captured the hearts of many when Heden overcame all odds to walk out of the Don Haskins Center as the victor. With his upper lip split in half, Heden toppled the giant by scoring a TKO victory in the second round. During the second round, Heden found himself with his back on the mat being overpowered by the larger McCorkle, however Heden’s heart proved to be much larger as he quickly flipped his position to land McCorkle’s back on the mat. With McCorkle’s left arm trapped, Heden unleashed a furious barrage of hammer fists until the referee called a stoppage to the bout due to excessive strikes, leaving the fans of El Paso on their feet.

The four-fight undercard, streamed live and free of charge through WMMA’s website, provided the fireworks early on as it featured two knockouts, a TKO, and a guillotine choke – all in the first round.

In their first ever event and PPV broadcast to over 175 countries, WMMA entertained the entire El Paso, TX community. The PPV broadcast showcased six bouts that supplied the electricity to the Don Haskins Center.

During the event, WMMA handed over a check in the amount of $25,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Official results after the jump.

McCorkle vs. Heden: Fighting for a Better World

Official Fight Results

Main Event:

1. Sean McCorkle vs. Brian Heden (W) – TKO (2:44 of Round 2)

2. Thomas Denny vs. Karo Parisyan (W) – Unanimous Decision (5:00 of Round 3)

3. Rodney Wallace (W) vs. Derrick Mehmen – Unanimous Decision (5:00 of Round 3)

4. Drew Fickett (W) vs. Kevin Knabjian – Guillotine Choke (3:38 of Round 1)

5. Jamaine Facey vs. Willie Parks (W) – Unanimous Decision (5:00 of Round 3)

6. Darrill Schoonover (W) vs. Paul Buentello – Unanimous Decision (5:00 of Round 3)


7. Frank Gomez vs. Chris Gruetzemacher (W) – TKO (3:25 of Round 1)

8. Lyle Beerbohm (W) vs. Cleburn Walker – Guillotine Choke (2:34 of Round 1)

9. Deutsch Pu’u vs. Esteves Jones (W) – KO (0:54 of Round 1)

10. Lionel Lanham (W) vs. Brad Peterson – KO (0:56 of Round 1)



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