First thing I did after learning that Vitor Belfort was going to face Cung Le at UFC 139 was pick up my chin off the floor.  That's how hard my jaw dropped upon hearing this most shocking of MMA news.  Who knew that Cung Le was even still interested in fighting, let alone fighting one of the most feared strikers in UFC history?

Cung Le doesn't have milk.  He's got balls.  Monster balls.

In his first fight with Scott Smith, Le supposedly got "exposed" by a true mixed martial artist.  But in the rematch six months later, he was a wrecking machine and totally destroyed the man they call Hands of Steel.  He had successfully answered his critics and put his own doubts to rest.  But after that fight, which took place over a year ago, Cung went back to making movies and that was pretty much the last anyone ever heard from him.

Until now.

Vitor Belfort posted on his website the other day that he had signed on to fight Cung at UFC 139.  As I was reading Vitor's blog, it seemed like I was reading RNJ's MMA Garlic Press.  Because that fight is too bizarre to be true.  Or at least it seemed so.  But Vitor was serious, and Cung Le has since confirmed the match up.

In other words, shit just got real.

Now, of course, for most people the first impulse is to say that Le is going to get murderlized, or worse, in there against the Phenom.  Cung is pushing 40 and will have to work off the the ring rust in time for UFC 139.  Vitor, meanwhile, is fresh off a brutal and convincing demolition of the formerly sexy, but now busted up, Yoshihiro Akiyama.

Mismatch?  Sure seems like it.  But then again, you must remember that Cung Le is an enigma.  He's a mystery wrapped in a riddle.  And if he thinks he can beat Vitor Belfort, he most surely has his reasons.  So before counting him out, rewatch that second Scott Smith fight, which not too many people thought Cung could win, and then in your best Mike Goldberg voice, say:  Are you kidding me?



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