Vitor Belfort wants his UFC title back, and believes that a win over Akiyama next week will put him in line for a title shot.  In the following video interview, Vitor says he wants the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami:


I would like to fight the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Okami.  I hope that if I win my fight, I will be able to get the winner of that bout.


He's not looking past his opponent next week, however.


I am focusing on Akiyama.  The future is uncertain, yesterday is past and today is all I have.  I'm focusing on UFC 133 in Philadelphia.  I am confident and training for that.


Check out the video after the jump, where Vitor also talks about a special conference call on Saturday, July 23, where he will turn the tables on fans and ask them questions.



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