There was a time when reality television was a fairly laughable genre spawned from the soap-opera of MTV's "The Real World".  Even in the early stages of MMA's first venture, "The Ultimate Fighter", drunken household drama and other trite elements got a lot of airtime.

From their Youtube channel, Wanderlei Silva and The Wand Fight Team's new reality TV show "Fighter Life" can be described with words befitting the way "The Axe Murderer" takes care of business in the cage:  fierce, raw, no bullshit, and all business.  Silva makes the following comment in the opening moments of the full version of Episode One, posted after the fold.

"We don't live.  We just train, eat, and sleep ... every day."

Supplemented by Rafael Cordeiro, Kit Cope, Jorge "Lil Monster" Lopez, and Mike Whitehead, Silva holds tryouts for Team Wand to evaluate the talent of the recruits.  In addition to sparring with the applicants, Wand -- who is mostly known for fighting with the rage of a wild beast -- also imparts some of the wisdom he's accrued over his many years in the MMA game.






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