Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett are on a collision course. The two frate trains will collide early next year in the finals of the SF HW GP.  In the semi-finals last night, Cormier and Barnett crushed their enemies and heard the lamentations of women.

For an Olympic wrestler, Cormier's boxing was fucking sweet.  He bobbed and weaved and came over the top to knock Big Foot down a few times, then went underneath and came up with a big uppercut to knock his man TFO.  All in the first round.

Then the fighter formerly known as the Baby Faced Assassin, Josh Barnett, lived up to his new "War Master" nickname by going blitzkrieg on Segei Kharitonov's ass.  At first Josh appeared content to stand and exchange with the feared Russian bomber.  But it was all a clever ruse, because just as Kharitonov started to press forward, Josh launched in.  He got the takedown and full mount all in one fell swoop.  From there he toyed with Sergei, eventually catching him catch can with an arm triangle.

Now Cormier and Barnett are on a collision course.  I hear the trains a-coming.



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