Kimbo continues his metoric rise in boxing's heavyweight division, scoring a first round knockout last night over Tay Bledsoe.  Kimbo didn't take long to get the KO.  It happened with the first punch thrown in the fight, and Tay fell down like he'd been shot.

Like Kimbo's first bout, this one was scheduled for four rounds, and both opponents were extremely over matched.  It appears that the plan for Kimbo is for him to take over the title of "King of the Four Rounders" previously held by Butterbean Esch.  The difference is that Butterbean started MMA after his boxing career, while Kimbo is doing the exact opposite.

I would not be surprised if Kimbo's next opponent is a rematch against one of the guys he beat in his infamous backyard brawl videos.  And they should bring in a "metal thing" and put it in the ring to make things more interesting.

Here's the fight in its entirety.



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