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Rampage Jackson wanted to drop the "bungalows" on Matt Hamill and "knock his head off" but he had to settle for a unanimous decision this weekend at UFC 130.  Jackson was able to stuff all of Hamill's take down attempts and hit Matt with some big shots, but Hamill is tough and lasted the full three rounds.

This sets up Rampage for a possible title shot against Jon "Bones" Jones later this year.  Dana White has mentioned Jackson as one fighter who he thinks is deserving of a shot, but it depends on how well Jackson heals up from a hand injury sustained prior to the Hamill fight.

Here's a video of Rampage talking about how he wanted to knock the block off of Matt Hamill.

Thiago Alves looked confident after his fight with Rick Story at UFC 130 this weekend, believing that he had won the fight.  The judges, however, did not see it Thiago's way and awarded Story with a unanimous decision. Personally I had Story ahead two rounds to one as well.  Alves was really pouring it on in the third round but it was a case of too little too late.

Alves will now head back to the gym and wants another fight ASAP, as he says in the following post-fight video interview.

Sean McCorkle had the pleasure of being interviewed by the mucho caliente reporter Andrea Calle, who Sean describes as the "hottest woman alive."  Sean talks about fighting at the CFA in Miami on June 24th, his first fight since being cut from the UFC.  Big Sexy is looking to rack up a string of victories that could put him back in the big show, and he's starting his quest in a place where he beat up his opponent and "check out the Latin women."  You go Big Sexy!

Check out Sean's video interview by Andrea after the jump.  Then, for further visual proof of her caliente-ness, I've included a bunch of pics.  Ay carumba!

Although Rampage Jackson is favored to beat Matt Hamill next week, Randy Couture feels that the underdog is a good bet.  He likes Hamill's wrestling ability and thinks it will be the difference in the fight.  Here's his video breakdown of the fight.

In volume 2 of UFC 130's Rampage diaries, Rampage talks about how he added swimming to his training regimine.  But it was no easy task, he explained, because he simply doesn't float.  If you missed part one, check it out here:  Rampage Diaries Part 1.

Part 2 after the jump.

Congratulations to Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko.  He got hitched right after the UFC summit, and now has someone to help him clean the house.  Here is a video of the Janitor and his lovely new bride.

Jon "Bones" Jones had pulled out of the Rashad Evans title fight due to a hand injury.  That's old news.  But recently, he decided to fore go the surgery and fight again.  Only it apparently won't be against Rashad Evans.  This has caused Rashad and some fans to claim that Jones is ducking the fight, a charge that Jones denies.

In this video, Jones explains his decision to skip the surgery and tells fans to relax, because a fight with Rashad is inevitable.  The big question is will the UFC cancel the Evans vs. Phil Davis fight in order to set up a Jones Evans showdown?

In the following video, Cain Velasquez was asked the question: If you could be any superhero, who would it be?  You can figure out his answer from looking at the pic above.  He also talks about his diet, who he looked up to as a kid, and which athlete he'd like to hang out with.  Check it out.

Tank Abbott, the old school UFC brawler is in the news for saying he'd knock out Brock Lesnar. Although that claim might be a bit hard to swallow, the fact is that in his day Tank was one of the most feared punches in the UFC.  He had bombs in both hands, and if he caught you, it was good night Irene.

Here's a video interview before his short-notice fight with Maurice Smith at UFC 15.   Tank did not come in in shape for the fight, but he still lasted over 8 minutes with the champion kickboxer.  Check it out.


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