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Alistair Overeem is a champion in MMA and in K-1 kickboxing, and now he may look to add a boxing championship to his resume.  In an interview conducted in Poland, Overeem talks about the possibility of going into boxing after the Strikeforce tournament is over, instead of moving on to the UFC.  He's already got the Klitschko brothers in his sights, and says that he can find sparring partners good enough to get him ready for a boxing title.  Video interview after the jump.

Conor Heun turned in one of the guttiest performances of the year against Magno Almeida at the Strikeforce Grand Prix last month.  Heun got caught in armbars in both the second and third rounds but refused to tap, and he came away from the fight with a dislocated elbow.  More importantly, however, was the fact that he also scored the win.

Some people claimed that Heun's refusal to tap was not very smart, given that he could have sustained a career-ending injury.  Conor disagrees with that assessment, and he uploaded a YouTube video to address the issue.  In it, he said that tapping is not an option in MMA, that it's up to the ref to decide when enough damage has been inflicted to stop the fight.

The video then got posted on the UG, and people once again started criticizing Heun.  So Conor released another statement, this time in a post, and it shows his more philosophical side.  He says that "the place that I go when I fight is the closest I ever feel to 'God.'"

Check out the video and statement after the jump.

Dana White recently fired Nate Marquardt because Nate failed his medicals due to his testosterone levels being too high.  Nate was supposed to be in the main event of UFC on Versus against Rick Story before he failed his medicals and was immediately cut from the organization.

Chael Sonnen, meanwhile, has just finished his suspension for his own testosterone issues and will be fighting in the UFC as soon as Dana and matchmaker Joe Silva can find a fight for him.

If you are wondering how Chael and Nate differ, Dana explains it in the following video where he talks to HDNet's Ron Kruck.  Check it out.

Wanderlei Silva returns to action tonight at UFC 132 when he takes on tough Chris Leben in the co-main event.  This fight has Knockout of the Night and/or Fight of the Night written all over it.  And now, to further get you pumped, here's an Up Close and Personal look at the Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva.

Dan "The Beast" Severn is an MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer.  When he speaks on subjects related to the sport, he speaks with authority.  On the topic of the current rules in place, Dan says that they are for the safety of the fighters, but that if there were different rules, such as no time limits, there would be different champs in the UFC right now.  He also talks about two dream fights that he'd like to do before retiring:  Mark Coleman and Ken Shamrock.  Check out the video.

Chuck Liddell is happy in his new role as a UFC executive, but he does miss the action inside the Octagon.  Hypothetically speaking, if he came out of retirement it would be for one fight, against the champ, who just so happens to be Jon "Bones" Jones.  While Chuck is high on the young fighter, he feels that no one is unbeatable.  He talks about this and more in this video interview. Check it out.

Alistair Overeem got the win on Saturday night against Fabricio Werdum in the Strikeforce Grand Prix tournament, but he was not satisfied with the outcome.  Werdum spent too much time trying to get Overeem to come down to the ground and into his guard for Overeem's liking.  This despite the fact that Werdum was not doing badly in the stand up exchanges.

Here's the video from Fighters Only Magazine.

Dan "The Beast" Severn was the first All American wrestler to get involved with MMA, way back at UFC 4.  That was before MMA was even known as mixed martial arts.  In those days it was NHB or No Holds Barred fighting.

Severn made quite a splash in his UFC debut, when he splashed Anthony Macias onto the mat with some brutal suplexes.   Dan came into the UFC with a ton of wrestling experience, but with virtually no submission or striking experience.  He said that he had to change a lifetime of sportsman-like wrestling conduct in order to compete in the no rules fighting era.

I had the opportunity to both introduce to the crowd and interview the legendary fighter, who at 53 years old is still actively competing in MMA and has 99 official victories under his belt.  The event was Central Pennsylvania's Warrior Challenge 12, and it was quite a thrill for me to be able to spend some time with the Beast.

Here's the video of me bringing Severn into the cage before the show started, and then an interview where we talk about the early UFCs and how the sport has evolved.

Randy Couture seems happy in his retirement.  He said he wanted to go out on his own terms, not because of an injury or a doctor's order.  In the following video, he talks about his retirement, and not coming back, not even for a fight with Fedor.


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