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One of the most enduring controversies in MMA is the proper pronunciation of Fedor Emelianenko.  No, it is the most enduring controversy. So I went to the source, Fedor himself, to find out how he pronounces his own name.  The results will shock and amaze you!

If you like the song at the beginning, click here for the whole thing: His Name is Fedor

Jon "Bones" Jones will be defending his UFC LHW title against Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 in December.  In the following video interview he talks about fighting Lyoto and says he's been training with southpaws in preparation.  He says he intends to hand Machida his greatest defeat.  And at this point, who can doubt him?

Here's the video.

Anthony Pettis is looking for his title shot in the UFC, and he knows that he needs a couple big name wins to get there.  One of those names is Joe Lauzon, who is coming off a ninety second destruction of highly regarded Melvin Guillard.  This fight would be dynamite and I hope he gets his wish.  Pettis also talks about his wrestling and about a "dream fight" with UFC LW champion Frankie Edgar. Here's the video:

Chuck Liddell would love to fight at the UFC on Fox, but he knows that his glory days are over.  He's still excited for the fighters who will be able to fight on Network TV, however, and seems to be fully acclimated to his role as an executive with the UFC.  He is articulate and well spoken in this video clip as he lauds the deal between the UFC and Fox.   Check it out.

Dan Miller spoke with MMADieHards about tomorrow night's fight against Rousimar Palhares at UFC 134 in Rio tomorrow night.  He says Palhares comes to fight and is ready for a battle, which comes as no surprise since that's the way Dan always fights.  He's part of an elite team of fighters trained by Mike Constantino at AMA Fight Club in New Jersey, and he'll be looking to bring a victory home to NJ.  Here's the video interview.

Rampage Jackson feels that Jon Jones is stepping up in their upcoming title fight at UFC 134 in September.  In this video, Rampage says that Jones struggled with Stephan Bonnar, and Bonnar is "shit."  He says if Jones takes him down, he'll get back up, and one of his bungalows will land on the champ.  We'll find out next month!

Vitor Belfort wants his UFC title back, and believes that a win over Akiyama next week will put him in line for a title shot.  In the following video interview, Vitor says he wants the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami:


I would like to fight the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Okami.  I hope that if I win my fight, I will be able to get the winner of that bout.


He's not looking past his opponent next week, however.


I am focusing on Akiyama.  The future is uncertain, yesterday is past and today is all I have.  I'm focusing on UFC 133 in Philadelphia.  I am confident and training for that.


Check out the video after the jump, where Vitor also talks about a special conference call on Saturday, July 23, where he will turn the tables on fans and ask them questions.

Legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Rickson Gracie talks about his art in this new video by BJJHacks.  Very interesting stuff. Check it out.

Tito Ortiz is back, and there's a video to prove it.  Check it out.


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