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In the following video from MMA Weekly, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talks about the purchase of his organization by the UFC.  He calls it "Strikeforce 3.0, powered by Zuffa" and plans on doing business as usual for the time being. Check it out.

Nick Diaz wasn't really in the mood to talk and didn't want to do an interview with AOL's Ariel Helwani, but felt like he had to.  He told Helwani that he didn't appreciate the way he "instigates" fighters and that if Ariel did that in the 209 he'd get slapped.

He went on to talk about the UFC purchase of Strikeforce and the implementation of new rules, particularly the allowance of elbows.  Nick feels that the UFC rules favors wrestlers and much prefers Pride rules.

Here's the full video interview.

Paul "Semtex" Daley has taken a lot of heat in the MMA press ever since his "sucker-punch" incident with Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 almost a year ago. That regrettable move cost him his job at the UFC, but since then Daley (27-9-2) has racked up four straight wins including a highlight reel KO of Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith at a Strikeforce event back in December.

Now, with the UFC/Strikeforce merger, Semtex once again finds himself a Zuffa employee. This has caused him some internal conflict, and at one point he almost pulled out of his upcoming Strikeforce title fight with Nick Diaz, which takes place this Saturday night.

Daley is on record saying that he refuses to be a UFC "kiss-ass" and makes no bones about the fact that he's not happy with the merger. In the following video interview, he talks about how he told Scott Coker that Coker was a "sell-out" and that he doesn't want MMA to become UFC.

That kind of rhetoric is not going to earn him any brownie points with Dana White and the UFC brass, and his comments will cause some fans and press members to hammer him, but it seems to me that Daley is the kind of guy who simply speaks his mind and doesn't worry about the consequences.

As you will see in the video, when Daley speaks out on this issue, he does so in a respectful, articulate way. These comments, in my opinion, will not be as harmful to his relationship with the UFC as the sucker-punch was, and hopefully, especially if he wins on Saturday, he can repair the damage done by his heat of the moment boneheaded move after the Koscheck fight.

Here is the video.

Brock Lensar is looking to regain the UFC heavyweight title that he lost to Cain Velasquez, but in order to get the chance to do that he needs to beat Junior Dos Santos first.  Brock and Junior are opposing coaches on this season's TUF show and are headed for a collision at the end of it.  Brock says Junior is "in my way" and he plans on moving him out of the way in order to gain a rematch with Velasquez.

He talks about seizing the moment in this video. Check it out.

For Rashad Evans, fighting is a family affair.  In the following video, "Suga" sits down with MMAHeat's Karyn Bryant and his own grandmother (aka Mama) to talk about fighting Jon Jones, who used to be "family" when the two were together at Greg Jackson's.

Then after that, to keep the theme going, check out Rashad doing, what else, Yo Mama jokes.

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson was asked about Dan Hardy's comment that their fight was "boring" and responded with a big F.U. to Dan.  He went on to say that it's not his fault that Hardy can't wrestle.  The interview closes with Johnson talking about GSP.  Check it the video.

Freddie Roach has trained both GSP and Anderson Silva, and says that while Anderson is bigger, Georges is stronger on the inside.  Roach goes on to say that he's closer to St. Pierre than he is with Silva and would be pulling for the Canadian if and when the two UFC champions fight.  Here's the video from Fight Hub.

UFC contender Josh Koscheck thinks that Nick Diaz will have it his way in this Saturday's fight againt Paul Daley.  Koscheck thinks Nick can beat Semtex on the feet and on the ground, despite Paul's punching power.  He does give Daley a puncher's chance though.  Here's the video.


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