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Rub a dub dub, Jim Miller in the tub.  New Jersey born UFC title contender Jim Miller has a unique way to cut way before fights.  He soaks himself in a tubful of very hot water to eliminate the water in his body.  It seems to be an effective way ot cutting weight while maintaining his energy levels, so whatever works is the way to go.

Jim is facing a very tough fight against Nate Diaz.  The fight is scheduled for five rounds, and the winner will be a very good position to fight for the title.  Diaz is guaranteed a shot if he beats Miller, but Jim may have to prove himself yet again if wins.  To me, that's absurd, but it is what it is.

I think Jim will look great against Diaz, and believe he'll be victorious.  His standup is very unrated, and his ground game is as good or better than Nate's.  Watch out, Nate Diaz, there's a bad man on the rise!

Check out this video of Jim soaking off the pounds.  Funny stuff, and very interesting.


In this inteview, Rowdy Ronda Rousey recounts the story where she beat up two guys in a movie theater.  Hey, they don't call her Rowdy Ronda for nothing!  She also talks about the Tate armbar, growing up, etc.  Check it out.

Anderson Silva is known for his Matrix-like ability to dodge punches, but even when he gets nailed on the chin nothing happens.  That's a bad combination for his opponents, and it is one of the reasons he's still undefeated in the UFC.  Check out this video of Anderson taking big shots and just laughing them off.  Like he says, it's "impossible" to knock him out.  Believe that!


Ryan LaFlare is a UFC champion waiting to happen.  He is currently under contract to fight for the UFC-owned Strikeforce organization, and I guarantee you, you will know his name well in the near future.  I've been following Ryan's career for awhile now, throughout his first pro fight at Ring of Combat back in 2008, which he won by submission in the first round.  Since then, LaFlare has rattled off five more wins, all by KO or submission, and he's ready to get it on at Strikeforce.

As LaFlare's record shows, he is just as dangerous on the ground as he is on his feet.  He's a well rounded fighter with exceptional talent, and I expect big things from him at Strikeforce and eventually the UFC.

Here's a video interview (along with a bit of training footage) that I did with Ryan last week at Long Island MMA, where he trains.

I had an opportunity to interview the UFC's Dennis Bermudez the other day at Long Island MMA.  It's a great school where Dennis trains with many other MMA rising stars.  In our interview Dennis, who started is career fighting at 155 and is now in the 145 pound division, talks about the difference between those two weight classes.  He also talks about how he'd fight Jose Aldo, the Nick Diaz marijuana debacle, Chandella Powell, his upcoming fight with Pablo Garza, and other topics.

I have more videos from Long Island MMA coming up very soon, so stay tuned.


Awesome video showcasing the heart and determination of the UFC's LW champion Frankie "The Answer" Edgar.


Anthony "Showtime" Pettis called out Joe Lauzon and got his wish.  He'll be fighting Joe in Japan at UFC 144, and we'll see if it's a case of being careful of what you wish for.  Lauzon is a very well rounded fighter, and he's got a great ground game, but Pettis feels that his ground game is good too, and that he has the tools to beat Creepy Joe.  Here's his video interview from Japan.

Hate is not too strong of a word to use when talking about the feelings Jon Jones and Rashad Evans have for each other.  Although they both deny it, you can feel it permeating the room in this video interview of both guys.  They don't even have to talk smack about one another for this to be one of the best grudge matches in MMA history.  Check out this two part loathe-fest.  Second part after the jump.

The irrepressible Quinton Rampage Jackson is never one to not speak his mind.  In this video interview, he takes UFC commentator Joe Rogan to task for Joe's bias towards BJJ practitioners, demonstrating in graphic detail how he feels Rogan, um, pleasures BJJ guys.  The fun starts at about 4:35.  Jackson also talks about fighting Ryan Bader and returning to Japan.


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