Formerly straight-jacketed Russian MMA nutjob Viacheslev Datsik got some press again, this time for alleged ties to a "banned national group."

In the video below, immediately after the uncouth association is mentioned, the picture flashes to a burly man in a black T-shirt saying what is apparently translated as:  "Jews are enemies for me."  Of course, prejudice is an ugly and serious matter, but the aforementioned segue is unintentionally odd and comical.

This important MMA news comes just a few weeks after Datsik robbed a few cell phone stores and was placed in a prison psych-ward, and later escaped after being transferred to an institution with less security.  The report indicates Datsik "tore a hole in a wire fence with his bare hands and fled the facility", but I'm not exactly sure how the conspicuous looking towels fit in.  Regardless of all that -- one does not simply fence in The Datsik!

"The Red Tarzan" is still on the lam.  His villainous cohorts from the extremist movement reveal Datsik "actively campaigned" for them with sportsmen and event organizers, added an ominous "you'll never catch him alive", and closed in appropriately dramatic fashion with the following commendations:

"Well done, Slava.  We were amused.  I wouldn't tell you where he was even if I knew anything.  I'm not going to help look for him."

See the Lee Murray-esque legend in action below.  Datsik quickly chokes out his opponent in the first fight video, and holds it a few extra seconds for good measure.  When the ref then begins to frantically try to pull Datsik off, he lets go and looks innocently up at the ref before standing up and taunting his gasping foe.  Next up is the nucleus of Datsik lore:  after casually landing the Harold Howard flip-kick, Datsik KO's Andrei Arlovski with a right meat-hook.

Just so you're not disappointed, the video titled "Viacheslev Datsik Shameful Fiascal" is not a poorly prepared financial report, but rather our infamous antagonist beginning with a quasi-Crane stance and letting T-shirt guy punch him in the face.  Exhibiting symptoms of a hallucinogenic overdose, Datsik feigns being wobbled from a punch, but the ref seems to stop the fight:  so Datsik clocks him in the face, dodges a flailing attack from T-shirt guy, then tackles the ref over the top ropes and into the crowd with T-shirt guy not far behind.

It's all pretty standard stuff.  If you ever watch anything on the internet again, make it the deadly combination Datsik unleashes at 7:30 of the last video.







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