Hold onto your hats, folks, there are some big changes to the UFC on Fox 2 card, and they are actually changes for the better, in my opinion.  Chael Sonnen was supposed to be fighting Mark Munoz on the upcoming UFC on Fox 2 card, with Michael Bisping taking on Demian Maia.  But Munoz sustained an injury in training, forcing him off the card, which prompted the UFC to put Sonnen in with Bisping in a fight that will determine the number 1 contender for Anderson Silva's title.  On the undercard, Demian Maia will now face rising star Chris Weidman, the undefeated Long Islander.

Originally, Dana White wanted Maia to fight Rusimar Palhares, but Palhares turned the fight down.  I guess he's not quite as crazy as he seems, because Maia is a very dangerous opponent with unmatched BJJ skills.  Weidman, however, in his macho "Strong Island" way, did not hesitate before taking this fight.  It's a big step up for Chris, but it's a fight that I think he can and will win.  And it will definitely raise his profile in the UFC.

The main event between Sonnen and Bisping is a trash-talking dream fight.  These two guys are never at a loss for words, and the next couple of weeks should be very entertaining.  The only drawback is that we'll only have weeks of their smack talk rather than months, what with the fight being made on such short notice and all.

Still, the new matchups are outstanding and I think this card looks better now than it did before Munoz got hurt.  Sucks to be him right now, but that's the fight game.  I'll have more on the fights in the coming days.

Sonnen vs. Bisping: Let the shit talking begin!



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