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Nick Diaz is not taking Carlos Condit lightly.  In fact he thinks the this weekend's fight with Condit is more dangerous than a fight with Georges St. Pierre.  In this open workout video, which features Diaz, Condit, Werdum, Nelson and GSP, Nick says all he needs to worry about against GSP is losing.  But with Condit, he has to worry about his teeth.  Check it out.


On the heels of the Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis fight, UFC LHW champion Jon "Bones" Jones had some strong words for both fighters.  As GSP would say, Bones was not impressed by thier performance.  He told the MMA Hour (via ESPN):

"Phil, man, I don't know what got into him.  He did not look like a lion. I think with fighters, no matter how tough you are, there's just lions and there's wolves and there's sheep. He just kind of looked like a sheep out there. He didn't come with much.

"I think he got a little intimidated by Rashad. And the pressure of being on Fox, how many millions of people were watching the fight, I just don't think he handled the situation well. That's why, when I was broadcasting, I said this is where we'll see where Phil's at, if he's going to be a top-level guy or a mid-tier fighter.

"Judging by the performance [Saturday] night, I don't know if I can consider himself a wolf."

Ouch!  But of course, Rashad will disagree with that, and he'll have a chance to dispute it face to face, mano y mano, against Jones in April.  Let the hype begin!


According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, UFC heavyweight title contender Alistair Overeem has been charged with  one count of misdemeanor battery after allegedly pushing a women in Las Vegas on January 2.  He is scheduled to in a Las Vegas court on February 21.  If convicted, Overeem could get as much as six months in the Clark County Detention Center and have to pay a fine of not more than $1000.

The incident took place at around 3AM, and according to the police report, Overeem pushed the woman in the face, "causing her to stagger back."

Alistair's lawyer, Las Vegas defense attorney David Chesnoff, said:  "Alistair was not arrested, but was summoned to court," Chesnoff said. "There are two sides to this story and we intend on vigorously defending this. Alistair maintains his innocence."

If you think about it, it wasn't much of a push if the woman didn't find herself being propelled through a building or something.  So on the surface it sounds like she might of invaded his space and he gently pushed her away.  But of course, this is all speculation and we'll have to wait and see what the courts decide.

So far, the UFC has declined to comment on the case.  If Overeem is convicted, it will be yet another blow to the UFC, but because it's only a misdemeanor it still probably won't scuttle Alistair's title tilt against Junior Dos Santos.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Oh, and one more thing.  Here's a bit of advice for Overeem and his lawyer.  Whatever you do, do not let prosecutors see these old GIF images of Overeem manhandling a female reporter and kicking a kid!  GIFs after the jump.

What do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know!

There are demons in GSP's head, and he plans on unleashing those demons on Nick Diaz when--and if--they finally do fight.  GSP was scheduled for fight Diaz next week, but had to pull out with an injured knee.  This prompted Diaz to tell people that GSP is not hurt, he's scared.  Well, that woke up the demons in GSP, and this is the most we've ever seen him pissed.  Check out this video clip where both GSP and Diaz talk about their upcoming fight--provided Nick gets past Carlos Condit next week, no small task in and of itself.

The general consensus after the UFC on Fox 2 show last night was that most people found it hard to stay awake during the main event.  In fact, the entire main card was not very exciting and will probably hurt next week's UFC PPV sales rather than help--which was the whole idea behind putting the UFC on Fox.  In the main event, Rashad Evans and Phil Davis, two highly skilled athletes, more or less nullified each other in terms of excitement.  The fight was a five round grind and Evans was able to control Davis on the ground, enough to win a shutout decision on all three scorecards.  There was little drama in the fight, and the lack of exciting action turned off a lot of hardcore fans.  Any noobs watching were surly not bowled over, and it's hard to see how they should be excited about paying 60 bucks for the PPV next week.

This marks the second straight time that the a Fox card turned into a disaster for the UFC.  The first one featured 59 minutes of talking about how great Cain Velasquez was, and ended with Cain getting knocked out in 1 minute.For many fans, that probably seems like a dream card now, because all three main event bouts last night went to decision, and none of them could even begin to touch the excitement of the now legendary Griffen-Bonnar fight on Spike.

This is most definitely not the way that Dana White wanted the UFC on Fox to debut.  The good news is that we didn't have to watch him implode again on national TV like we did last time.  Instead of Dana sitting with Curt Menefee, it was Randy Couture and Jon Jones who analyzed the fights.  Both fighters did a good job of breaking things down for fans.  Fans that were able to stay awake for the whole show, that is.

We'll have to wait and see how this dud on Fox affects the PPV numbers next week.  I'll post those once they become available.

Here are the complete results of last night's fights:


Check out this collection of wrestlers in this photograph.  You have three, count em, three, future UFC fighters all in one pic, all back when they were college wrestlers.  Chris Weidman, Ryan Bader, and Phil Davis.  Weidman, Bader and Davis, oh my!

Tonight, two of these three will be fighting on the UFC on Fox card.  Chris Weidman and Phil Davis both look to take a big step up in the rankings by beating their opponents, Demian Maia and Rashad Evans, respectively.  Actually, Weidman beat both Bader and Davis in college wrestling matches.

Here is some wrestling footage of Davis and Weidman in college, doing what they do best.

Chris Weidman continues his UFC ascent tonight by taking on top ten contender Demian Maia at the UFC on Fox 2 event.  Chris is a late replacement on the card after fights got juggled around due to Mark Munoz getting injured.  Originally Chael Sonnen was going to fight Munoz, while Bisping took on Maia.  When Munoz went down, the UFC made the decision to put Chael and Bisping in a fight to determine Anderson Silva's next opponent for the UFC MW title.  This move left Maia with no opponent.  Rusiamar Palhares was offered the fight but declined, which opened the door for Chris Weidman.

Weidman is undefeated and has been on a tear his whole MMA career.  Like so many other East Coast fighters, the Long Islander got his start at Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat in Atlantic City.  In just his third fight ever, Weidman knocked out highly touted Uriah Hall to win the ROC championship.  One fight later and he got the call from the UFC.

In his first UFC fight, he was in with fearsome puncher Alessio Sakara, and Chris looked great in a dominating performance, winning by unanimous decision.  He finished his next two UFC fights in the first round, both by submission, to set up this fight with Maia.

In one online poll I've seen, Maia was polling at more than 2-1 to win tonight, but I am confident that Weidman will win this fight, and look great doing it.  Maia is a phenomenal BJJ player, and his stand up is much improved.  But Chris Weidman is just as well rounded.  His wrestling is extraordinary, and he's been working his stand up with legendary Long Island trainer Ray Longo.  Ray has done a great job with Chris's striking, and it has really improved his overall game.  Chris also trains with Matt Serra, who is a BJJ blackbelt himself, as well as former UFC champion, so nothing Maia does tonight should surprise Chris.

I see the fight playing out mostly on the feet.  Both guys have great ground games, and we might see a chess match on the mat, but more likely is that both guys keep it standing, with the result being a 3 round decision victory for Weidman.

This fight could very well put Weidman into the top ten of the UFC's middleweight division.  It's a great opportunity for Weidman, despite the fact that he had to drop so much weight so quickly that he found himself hallucinating, something he talks about in the following video with Kristen Brown.

Chael Sonnen showed up to the UFC on Fox 2 press conference with a title belt that he claims is the UFC MW title belt.  In this video you can laugh out loud with everyone else as Chael proclaims that he's the "reflection of perfection" and drops other great lines.  Also, a great feud between headliners Rashad Evans and Phil Davis takes place.  Good shit!


On the heels of a cyber-attack on UFC.com, Dana White is making the rounds, puffing out his chest and telling reporters that he's "not afraid of the Internet."  In an interview with Maruo Ranallo, Dana compares hackers to the terrorists who brought down New York's World Trade Center on September 11.   This analogy is insulting to victims, survivors and families who suffered through America's worst terrorist attack in history.  To compare the maniacs who killed 3000 American citizens to the people who redirected UFC.com's URL is ridiculous, and does nothing to help Dana make his case against illegal streamers.

As usual, Dana is histrionic and hysterical.  The hacking issue is just another subject that he can claim ownership of, since all the big decisions in the company now fall almost exclusively to Lorenzo Ferttitta.  Issues like Miguel Torres' poor sense of humor and the SOPA hackers are all that's left for Dana, and he goes after those issues with the tenacity of a miniature pit bull, leaving the big issues, such as the deal with Fox, for Lorenzo.

In two separate interviews I've seen, including the one above, Dana tells the reporter that Internet journalists are afraid of the Internet--like it's some sort of major revelation.  When Ariel Helwani heard that, he reacted the same way that Mauro did--by giving Dana a perplexed look as they tied to make sense of his twisted logic.  And speaking of not being afraid of the Net, it sure seemed like Dana was peeing his own pants after his mother released a tell all book about him.  He acted like a distraught, hysterical child upon the book's release, and banned people from his Twitter account if they dared to mention that book that cannot be mentioned.   Where was his bravado then?

For all his tough talk, Dana is only making things worse.  Anonymous, the collection of hackers from around the world, is known to not only knock down websites, but to order vast amounts of pizza to the homes of people who piss them off.  But judging by Dana's bloated countenance and sagging chicken neck lately, maybe those pizzas is exactly what he's angling for.

Go get em, Dana!


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