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The Japanese love their MMA, and someone put together an outstanding "manga" video ahead of the UFC in Japan show.  This is classic stuff.  Also, check out this neat Japanese newspaper article announcing the UFC's return to Japan.

Here is the video:

Check out this hot promo for the upcoming Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey showdown coming up in March.  Tate is the Strikeforce female bantamweight champ and Rousey wants her belt.  Two very talented fighters who also happen to be smoking hot babes.  Life is good!

The UFC is coming back to AC!  David Weinberg of the Press of Atlantic City did a great writeup about the big return:

The Ultimate Fighting Champion-ship will return to Atlantic City this summer. Plans are being finalized for the country's most popular mixed martial arts organization to come back to the Boardwalk for the first time in seven years on Friday, June 22. The card will be televised on FX as part of the UFC's "FUEL TV" series.

The UFC and New Jersey Athletic Control Board both confirmed Wednesday that the event will be in Atlantic City, marking its first show there since UFC 53 was held at Boardwalk Hall on June 4, 2005." The UFC has reserved that date to come to Atlantic City," said state Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Lembo, who helps oversee MMA with the New Jersey
Athletic Control Board and its commissioner, Aaron Davis.

Officials from neither the UFC nor the NJACB would confirm widespread speculation within the mixed martial arts community that the June 22 card will be held at the new $2.4 billion Revel casino that's scheduled to open May 15.Revel, which is described on its website as a "6.2 million square-foot beachfront entertainment resort," will feature a state-of-the-art, 5,500-seat entertainment arena. Revel spokesperson Maureen Siman declined to comment Wednesday.The UFC also said the
fighters on the card will be announced at a later date.

Read the rest here:  UFC Returns to Atlantic City


Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger fought a war last night, a war that went three rounds.  In the first two rounds, Ellenberger controlled the action and landed the cleaner shots, winning both rounds on all three judges scorecards.  In the third round, however, Sanchez starting coming on strong, and by the end of the round he had Ellenberger's back and was landing hard shot's to Jake's face.  Sanchez won the last round unanimously, but lost the decision by the score of 29-28 on all cards.

After the fight, Sanchez said:

“I thought all main events are supposed to be five-rounds, what happened? I’m ready for more!”

Diego wasn't alone in that regard. A lot of fans were shocked that the fight was only scheduled for 3 rounds, and it was disappointing that it ended so quickly.  Two more rounds could have changed the outcome for Sanchez because he was really starting to pick up steam.  His cardio is second to none, and he would definitely benefit from five rounders.

Dana White also realized that making this main event a three rounder was a mistake:

“From this day forward, as we speak right here, right now today, every fight that is a main event that is not a title fight will be a five-round fight. I can do 33 rounds on FUEL TV if I want to. FUEL TV can’t get enough. We blew it tonight. It should have been a five-round fight.”

Too little too late for Diego Sanchez, but still a good idea.  For some fights, three rounds simply doesn't cut it.  Imagine if Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva was a fiver rounder instead of three?  Dayum!

Props to Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger for a great fight.  They picked up Fight of the Night honors, and a fat check, for their explosive confrontation.  Hell, maybe even a rematch is order. You would hear any complaints from me.



Found this gem on the Net.  Truth! lol

Matt Hughes does not want to end his UFC career with a loss.  He is coming off two first round KO losses, to BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck, and would rather go out with a W.  In this Inside MMA segment, Hughes talked about how he advised Pat Miletich to get back in there after losing to Renzo Gracie, so he could end his storied career on a high note.  Two years later, Miletich did just that, retiring after he beat Thomas Denny.   Now Matt is faced with the same dilemma.  The problem is that there are no gimme fights in the UFC, and they are not going to put him in there with a can, just to get that win.  It remains to be seen if Hughes will fight again.  Like he says in the segment, it's up to not only him but his wife and the UFC.

Video of the Inside MMA piece after the jump.

Joe Lauzon showed his all round MMA skills in his last fight, a very impressive win over Melvin Guillard back in October.  In that fight J-Lau hurt Guillard with a punch, then choked him out on the ground.  Next up for Joe is Anthony "Showtime" Pettis at UFC 144 in a couple of weeks.  This is another fine bit of matchmaking by Joe Silva, and it should be a great fight. Here is Joe Lauzon's video blog, part 1.  Enjoy.

(Anderson Silva shutting up Chael Sonnen in their first fight)

Nice little video showing a bunch of UFC fighters talking about the rematch between Chael Sonnen and Anderson, which will take place in Brazil.  A few of them actually fear for Chael's life after all of his shit-talking about Brazilians, but Rampage has a different take on that.  Good stuff, check it out.


Dana White is not a happy camper today.  Yesterday, Nick Diaz, the fighter they wanted to put in against Georges St. Pierre, scuttled the plans even worse than by losing to Carlos Condit by testing positive for marijuana.  Now Nick awaits his punishment from the NSAC.  In the past, first time offenders for pot were suspended for six months, and two-time offenders had to sit out a full year.  It's still uncertain what kind of suspension Diaz will face, and we won't find out until April.

Last night, UFC president Dana White issues a terse statement regarding the Diaz situation:

"I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana.  It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission."

That's it, Dana?  That's all you got?  Where is your anger and outrage?   You fired Miguel Torres for repeating an off-color joke on his Twitter account and acted all righteously indignant about.  Was that really worse than smoking an illegal drug before a fight?  Don't be scared, homie.  Fly off the handle like you did with Torres.

Oh wait, Nick Diaz is one of the biggest draws in the UFC, now that Brock Lesnar is retired and GSP is hurt.  So he'll get a pass.

Business as usual.

Not that I think Diaz should be fired, mind you.  In fact I think it's silly for the commissions to test for marijuana, but the hypocrisy needed to be pointed out.  Nick does bear responsibility for this, of course, there is no excuse.  I think the NSAC will be fair with their punishment.



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