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(Dana White: 800 Pound Gorilla)

Whoa!  Talk about juice, and not the kind that Dana White's mom June says her son probably does, but the kind that allows Zuffa to pull the plug on a video she uploaded to YouTube where she talks about her son.  There was no Zuffa-owned content in that video, unless Zuffa owns Dana's mom, which I doubt because it's been illegal to own people since Abraham Lincoln was president.  Still, the video is gone due to a "copyright claim" by Zuffa.  This is totally unfair to June, and hopefully someone at YouTube will actually watch the video and see that any copyright claims are totally bogus.  And for the people saying that she made the video for profit, you are wrong.  She got paid nothing for it.

Fortunately, CagePotato did a nice summarization of the video, some of which I will post here:

• June decided to start talking ill of her son when his grandmother died and he didn’t take care of her as allegedly promised and didn’t go to the funeral

• She believes her son takes steroids

• She accuses Dana of cheating on his wife, calls the marriage “a joke” and says he “puts Tiger Woods to Shame”

• She claims to “know for sure” that Dana is sleeping with plenty of the ring card girls including Amber Nicole and Rachelle Leah

• She says Dana slept with his sister-in-law in her house

• She alleges Dana got the worst black eye she’s ever seen and nearly lost his eye after his wife attacked him on their honeymoon

There's lots more too, which you can find at the link.  As soon as the video gets back online, I will post it here.  Also, here's a pic of June White and her son Dana in happier times, back when Dana had hair not only on his head, but on his arms too.  Intersting how Dana went from having Olive Oyl's arms to Popeye's.  He must eat lots of spinach!



(Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez at Long Island MMA)

Tim Fowler is an active duty Army soldier, mixed martial artist and occasional contributer to this site.  He first profiled Dennis Bermudez back in June.  You can read that article here:  Long Island Fighter Profile: Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez.

On my way to meet Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez for an interview, I didn’t know what to expect from him. Last time we met he had just joined Long Island MMA and was coming off 2 losses.  This time he is on a 2 fight win streak, both in the UFC as a member of team Mayhem on this season of The Ultimate Fighter.  As I walked into LIMMA I immediately noticed Dennis.  He was giving a private lesson.  As like any good coach he stayed focused on his student, giving him constant encouragement and tips:  “Stay on your toes, don’t cross your feet.”

Every time his student hit the pads or the bag the way Dennis wanted him to, Dennis would beam with pride and tell him “That’s it!”  Now you might be thinking that he would be giving this type of class to a high paying adult who wanted to train with a fighter from a hit TV show.  But you would be wrong.  His student was a boy who couldn’t have been older than 12.  But Dennis gave him all the attention and focus he would have given one of his teammates.  Even with so much changing in his life Dennis is staying true to himself and being humble.

When I asked how it felt to be the first pick by Mayhem, he said he was a little shocked.  “My fight to get in the house was second to last," he said.  "I didn’t see how everyone else had fought.  I really had no idea that I would be the first pick.”

I asked him if he had watched the show and what he thought of all the positive comments that Dana White and Miller were giving him. “You know I just want to stay humble.  I want to be the best but I never think I’m the best.  I just want to stay humble.”

When discussing his fight to get into the house again, Dennis was very humble.  He didn’t even know the guy he beat was the odds on favorite to win the whole show.  When I asked him how it felt to beat the favorite he said, “Really? I didn’t even know that till you told me right now.”

If you didn’t see the fight then you missed one of the best fights to get in the house.  His 2nd fight in the house was not nearly as exciting.  He was dominant from the very start and destroyed his opponent.  But that was his plan.  To stay focused on his fights, not get distracted with the craziness in the house, and most of all win!

“Being in the house is like a 24/7 job,”  said Bermudez.  “It sucked but my goal in the future is to be the UFC champ.”

So far not much has changed for Dennis since coming back. Unless you count his new manager Ryan Parsons (who happens to be Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s manager) and that he signs autographs every Wednesday night at Rookies in Huntington NY.  But he is still the same guy I met a few months back.  He is still very aware that he has a chance to go far and takes advantage of every opportunity.

“Right now I’m just getting ready to be ready," he said.  "You never know when the UFC will call you up.”

And of course he can still keep a secret.  I asked him who he was fighting in the finale. “I can’t tell you that," he laughed.

Despite his secrets I would bet that the UFC fans will see more from Dennis Bermudez!


Well, he's already been called the Muhammad Ali of MMA, and now he's being called the Michael Jordan of MMA.  If this keeps up, eventually people will be called the Jon Jones of their sport.  Then we'll know that Bones Jones has really transcened MMA and has become a legendary sports figure.

Rolling Stone Magazine's article comparing Jones to Jordan started off well, but I got turned off by their fact checking.  At one point the author said:

"Blessed with a six-foot-four frame and a freakish athleticism that runs in the family (his brother Arthur plays linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens), Jones, 24, brings a set of skills the UFC could only dream of in its early days of eye-gouging and head butts."

Oh really, jackass?  A simple fact check would have shown that eye-gouging was never legal in the UFC.  But why bother with facts when you're trying to write a sensational article?

One the positive side, it's great that the sport is getting recognition from mainstream media outlets. Even if some of them get their facts wrong.

As for the Rolling Stone article's title comparing Jones with Jordan, they even got that wrong.  The title was: UFC Champ Jon "Bones" Jones Might Be the Michael Jordan of Anything-Goes Combat.

Anything goes?  Please.  The words you were looking for are "Mixed Martial Arts."

Still, like I said, nice to Rolling Stone covering Bones Jones, who does seem to be transcending the sport.  We'll have to wait and see if guys like Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans have what it takes to spoil his special place in rock and roll.



Dana White has certainly beefed up over the years.  He's a buff dude now, all muscle.  But is it all natural?  That's the big question.  And if you ask Dana White's Mom, June, the answer is: No.

June was pretty surprised to see how big her son had gotten over the past few years.   On her Twitter account she said:

"I was very surprised when I saw a pic of him with no neck & the shoulders on his jacket were pulling."

In his vanity weight lifting video, which was presented to the world by yours truly, Dana was pushing up 315 pounds, so he is definitely strong.  But then again, who isn't strong if they're on the juice.

I asked June White point blank: Do you think Dana is on steroids.  Her reply:

"It seems obvious if u look at pictures of him when all of a sudden he started to bulk up big time. I haven't seen any recent pictures, if he lost that no neck look or not, but I've heard from people that everyone knows he was doing them."

Is that definitive proof?  No, it's not.  But a mother's insight is usually a good indicator.  Of course people will, so what? And that's a valid response.  He doesn't compete after all.  Still, he is the president of organization that has taken a lot of flack for its fighters failing drug tests, and it would lend more credibility to his assertions that he won't tolerate steroids in the UFC.

I guess it's simply a case of do as I say not as I do.

June White also wrote an excellent book detailing the life of her famous son.  It's a no holds barred look at Dana White's life, and contains some very revealing information.  You can purchase it from Amazon here: Dana White King of MMA by June White. It's a great read and I highly recommend it.

As for me, I get accused of doing roids all the time, just because I've got those gigantic beach muscles.  And I must confess I have some experience with this stuff.  Check out my YouTube confession after the jump:


After losing three straight fights in the UFC, all of them in the middleweight division, Yoshihiro Akiyama, better known as Sexyama, was in danger of being cut from the organization.  Dana White's advice to Akiyama was to drop down to the welterweight division and try fighting there.  This would keep the Japanese fighter in the UFC, but he'd have to cut a lot of weight to make 170.  He decided to give it a go, and just completed a test cut where he dropped 33 pounds in 4 weeks.  Here is a pic of Skinnyama at his new weight. Still sexy after all these pounds!



Sweet promo video.  No WWE-style fire this time, just the two best heavyweights on the planet preparing for their epic showdown next month on Fox TV.


A subdued Nick Diaz spoke to reporters yesterday ahead of Saturday's fight with BJ Penn at UFC 137.  Nick gave BJ a lot of respect and said that he loves training and competing but that the money takes the fun out of fighting.

Although their first fight may not be remembered as the most exciting match ever, it did have its moments.  Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo battled 15 years ago, at UFC 11, with Scott coming away with a unanimous victory.   Now, all these years later, the two men will finally have their rematch.  And the rules will be the same as they were in UFC 1.  Which means there are no rules! That's why it was called no  holds barred back in the day, and it certainly adds a nice element to this old school rematch.

The fight is supposed to be taking place this weekend, on October 30, at the Dixie Cowgirl's Night Club  in Dayton, Ohio.  The address is 5500 North Dixie Drive.

Scott Ferrozzo has been talking about this for a long time, but Tank's camp seemed to be vague about the actual fight.  However, according to Aaron Tru of MMAPrime, he's got confirmation from Tank's camp that it's a go for this weekend.
For old school fans, this is an exciting match up. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there's no way to see it unless you go to Dayton.  Still it should be fun while it lasts.  The only thing that is needed to make this a perfect night is for the ring announcer to be Rich "G-Man" Goins.
(Scott Ferrozzo ready for war.)

Dana White's video blogs have been really good lately.  At first they were veering dangerously towards the vanity video realm, but now they contain lots of behind the scenes footage that you won't find anywhere else.  In this latest one, Dana's first for UFC 137, you can watch the post-fight reactions of guys like Melvin Guillard as they get their hands unwrapped and get checked out by the ringside physicians.  You'll see a distraught Guillard throwing a chair as he beats himself up for the loss to Joe Lauzon.  Watching these kinds of candid moments really brings home the fact that fighters are human beings who put their heart and souls into MMA. It's all or nothing in this sport, and losses can be devastating, both emotionally and physically.  This video blog captures the intensity of winning and losing in the UFC.


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