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(Jon Jones proving to the world, and himself, that he can take a punch)

Jonnybones Jones stand (almost literally) head and shoulders above the rest of the UFC's lightheavyweight division.  He is a physical specimen at six feet four inches tall with a UFC record 84.5 inch reach.  His physical attributes, coupled with his wrestling prowess and ever improving striking, is proving to be an overwhelming obstacle for any UFC contender.  Jones has finished, in order, Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida.  That's three finishes of three UFC champions in the course of a single year.  Jones is not only winning, he's dominating.  And he's cleaning out the division with a quickness.  I see this kid moving up to challenge the heavyweights, perhaps as soon as sometime next year.

Last night, it took a round for Jones to figure out Lyoto Machida's elusive style.  Machida was effective at staying just out of range of Jones's punches and kicks, and then springing in with punches of his own.  In the second round, however, Machida tried to swarm in but got smashed by a counter left hook that dazed him.  Jones followed up with a standing guillotine that put the Brazilian fighter out cold. It was an amazing display by Jones and a wake up call to the rest of the division.  Jones is the real deal.  He is here to stay.

Up next for Jones is probably the winner of the Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis fight, but I don't think either one of those guys will be able to deal with Jones.  He is truly in a class all by himself.



Jon "Bones" Jones will defends his UFC lightheavyweight crown tonight against Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida.  Jones has been on a tear, having dominated Mauricio "Shogun" Rua to win the title and defending it against Quintin "Rampage" Jackson.  Tonight he faces a former UFC champion whose unique style could present some problems for the young champion.  However, Jones believes he is more than ready to meet the challenge.  Here is the video of their weigh in staredown.  You may want to lower your speaker level a bit as Joe Rogan comes in at about 100 DB in this clip.


Kimbo Slice was always a scary looking dude, but his get up in Scorpion King 3 might just make you pee your pants a little.  Although is MMA career is over, Kimbo's acting career is still going strong and by the looks of it, he makes for a great villain in this upcoming flick.  Check out the trailer for the film after the jump...if you dare.


Is UFC president Dana White losing his mind?  Miguel Torres, one of the top bantamweight fighters on the planet, has just been cut from the UFC because Dana thought Torres's rape joke on Twitter was in poor taste.  Well, actually it was in poor taste, and it was pretty dumb on Miguel's part, but the fact is that Torres was quoting a Fox TV show called Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  White's overreaction to the joke, however, seems to indicate a breakdown in his mental process.

After all, Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans both made similar jokes, and neither one was so much as fined.   In fact, when you listen to Dana trying to rationalize Griffin's joke that "rape is the new missionary" as some kind of serious statement about how widespread rape is, you get a sense that Dana is losing his marbles.

Earlier in the day, Rashad even made a Penn State pedophilia joke directed at PSU alumni Phil Davis.  Dana was asked if Evans would be punished in any way for that and his answer was no.

So what is really going on with the UFC president?  In my opinion, it all has to do with the Fox deal.  Before the UFC was on Fox, Dana was the star of the show, no matter who was fighting.  In the Fox post fight wrap up, however, Curt Menefee all but ignored him and spoke directly to Brock Lesnar.  Right before the close you could the pleading in Dana's eyes as he looked at Menefee in hopes of being asked something.  After he realized the segment was over, he started tapping the desk and bugging out.  In short, he's not the center of attention anymore and it appears to be killing him.

This Fox deal might be good for the UFC and for MMA but it's apparently a disaster for Dana White personally.  He needs to be the boss.  He needs to have the power, or the perception of it.  And I think this abrupt firing of Torres is a desperate attempt to look powerful, like he's in charge, like he's the boss.  After the jump, watch this interview from Toronto where Dana explains his rationale for firing Torres.  The substance of it makes little sense, but the subtext is quite clear:  I am the boss, I'm in charge, this is my show, I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.

Will Dana feel like an ass when he realizes that Miguel was quoting a show on FOX. He should. What's he going to do now, cancel the deal with Fox?  Of course not.  It's not his decision.  In my opinion, Dana was probably against the Fox deal because he knew it would take the limelight off him.   But the fact is that Lorenzo Ferttitta is the boss.  And hopefully Lorenzo will get involved in this Torres issue and hire him back.

Dana's increasingly bizarre behaivor is disturbing.  The pressure of the Fox deal seems to be getting to him.  He appears to be cracking. If this keeps up, Lorenzo is going to have to get involved and make some tough decisions about Dana White.

Here's the video of Dana explaining why he gave Rashad and Forrest a pass, while firing Torres for a first time offense.


(Dana White, Boxerciser)

It appears that Dana White has a personal problem with Jason "Mayhem" Miller, because he's been slamming the guy ever since Bisping TKO'd him in their fight last week.  First Dana said that the fight was the "most one-sided fight I might have ever seen in the UFC," then hinted that Mayhem Miller could actually be cut from the UFC roster.  Mayhem did a great job as a coach on the latest TUF, and cutting him makes zero sense.  Hardcore fans went ballistic when Dana said he didn't know if Mayhem would fight again in the UFC, and they've been bombarding his Twitter account with requests to keep the popular fighter on the roster.

That hasn't stop White from continuing to insult Mayhem.  Just the other day he ripped into Miller's stand up techniques, saying:

"It was the worst standup I've ever seen in my life. I don't know if I've ever seen worse standup. The guy's been in the business for over 10 years. It looked like it was his first fight ever. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen...Some of the punches that were thrown by Mayhem Miller in this fight, you could go to a girls' Tae Bo class and see better form, better stand-up. It was embarrassing,"

Well, Dana should know about women's Tae Bo.  He did get his start in the fight game by being a boxercise instructor, after all.  Although the UFC president likes to put on a tough guy act, he has never fought a mixed martial arts bout in his life, but he gets away with insulting fighters because he's the guy that signs their checks.  Still it's pretty annoying to see him denigrating fighters all the time.  Maybe he should take a page out of T-shirt guy Tom Atencio's book and actually fight in the cage himself.  Then he might actually appreciate what fighters go through.

Admittedly Mayhem gassed early in the fight, and his stand up was not the best in the world. But he did land some shots, and he won the first round in many people's eyes.  Will the UFC cut him?  Hopefully not.  It appears Dana would love to get rid of the guy, but fortunately Lorenzo is the real decision maker and will probably keep Mayhem around for at least one more fight.

Here's how I envision Dana and Lorenzo discussing cutting Mayhem Miller from the UFC roster:

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is bummed out over his knee problems, which is very understandable.  He now faces at least 6-9 months of rehabilitation, during which time he will watch an interim champion being crowned.  One of the most dominating champs in UFC history, GSP vows to reclaim the undisputed welterweight title as soon as possible:

"A few months ago I was on top of the world and I'm now I'm in a downfall.  But you recognize a champion from how he comes back from things that don't go well. Everybody that says bad things and says bad stuff about me right now, mark my words. I'm going to tell you right now, I'm in a downfall in my life, but in a few months, I'll be back stronger than ever, and I will be champion again. I promise."

A torn ACL is no small injury, but GSP's doctor said that he expects the Canadian fighter to make a complete recovery.  GSP actually blames himself for the injury by trying to work his way through the pain instead of getting immediate medical attention:

"I believe there is only one person to blame for what happened and it's myself.  I'm the kind of guy, I endure pain and go through it. I learned a big lesson in my life. It's going to make me stronger, smarter and more clever."

I have no doubt that GSP will persevere and return to his winning ways. In the meantime, Nick Diaz will face Carlos Condit on February 4, to determine the interim champ.  You can bet that GSP will be watching that fight very closely.


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Bad news for UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre.  He blew out his ACL in training and will be out of action for 10 months.  This scuttles his fight with Nick Diaz, who will fight Carlos Condit on February 4, 2012, for the interim UFC WW title.

GSP had to pull out of a fight with Condit earlier this year due to knee problems, and now he faces surgery on his knee with this ACL problem.  He's one of the sport's biggest names and a huge draw for the UFC, so this is terrible news all the way around.  Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit is a good fight, but it will come nowhere near the level of a Diaz vs. GSP fight.

The news of GSP's injury was broken by UFC president Dana White on his Twitter account.  He said:

"GSP blown acl will be out for 10 mos. Now Condit vs Diaz for the interim welterweight title on Feb 4th in Las Vegas!!"

We'll have more on GSP's injury as the story develops.


Despite his claims to the contrary, Chael Sonnen is indeed fighting Mark Munoz on the UFC on Fox 2 show in January.  He originally denied the rumors and hinted that he'd be fighting Michael Bisping, but Bisping will be taking on Demian Maia on the same card.  Headlining the event will be Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis.

After this show the MW picture should be much clearer.  Both Sonnen and Bisping are vying for a title shot against UFC MW champ Anderson Silva, and if either one loses the other one will be next in line.  If both win, however, it will be a toss up as to who gets the shot.

The first UFC on Fox event did not go the way the UFC had hoped.  They had scheduled only one fight, a UFC heavyweight title fight, and champion Cain Velasquez was banged out by Junior Dos Santos in just 61 seconds.  This left UFC president Dana White fuming, and he could barely contain his emotions in the Fox post fight wrap up.  For people new to the sport, White's behavior had to have looked weird, but long time fans are used to his emotional outbursts.  It will be interesting to see if he gets as much air time on UFC on Fox 2 as he did on the first one.

The card will also feature Eddie Wineland vs. Demetrious Johnson, Cody McKenzie vs. Michael Johnson, Mike Russow vs. John Olav Einemo, George Roop vs. Cub Swanson and Evan Dunham vs. Paul Sass.



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