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Booze is no excuse.  UFC president Dana White made an ass of himself recently when TMZ caught up with him outside a club and asked him about Fedor.  Through slurred speech, Dana repeated his assertion that "Fedor sucks" and that people should get over him.   But it appears that it's Dana who is really hung up on the legendary Russian fighter.  Fedor, a humble man of principle, refused to sign with the UFC, which is really what set Dana off.  Because only when a fighter is under UFC contract can Dana say that the fighter is "mine" as if he owns the guy.  That kind of egotism has no place in MMA, and Dana's bloated ego is beginning to get in the way of his job as UFC president.

Dana's increasingly erratic (and drunken) behavior comes on the heels of his legendary meltdown live on Fox after the Cain vs Junior title fight.  It's time the UFC head honcho pulled his head out of his, well, honcho and gave Fedor his due.  Yes, he's running a business, but name calling is childish and it's backfiring on Dana White.  Between the Miguel Torres firing (Torres is now hired back, more on that later) and Dana's drunken exchanges with reporters, it seems as though the pressure is getting to the "Baldfather."  Let's hope he sobers up soon and stops trying to make MMA about himself rather than the fighters.

Here's the TMZ video:

Well, ain't this a real kick in the nuts.  Cristiane Santos, aka Cris Cyborg, has been the most dominant female MMA fighter of all time.  In her last fight, she needed only 16 seconds to dismantle Hiroko Yamanaka, leaving the Japanese fighter out cold on the mat.  That win has now been overturned by the California State Athletic Commission due to Cyborg failing her post fight drug test.  Cyborg tested positive for stanozolol metabolites, which are banned under CSAC rules.  The Brazilian fighter will now face a suspension and a 2500 dollar fine.

This is tragic news for fans of women's MMA, whose already thin talent pool looks to be further drained by Cyborg's failed test.   It is also another black eye for MMA in general, as Cyborg becomes yet another big name fighter to get busted for illegal substances.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker released a statement about the failed test:

“Strikeforce has not seen the test results regarding Ms. Santos. However, we have a consistent and strong stance against any use of performance-enhancing drugs.  We also have a long history of supporting effective drug testing of athletes by authorized regulatory bodies. Therefore, we will closely monitor the matter and will work with the California State Athletic Commission regarding any information we may be asked to provide. We also recognize that Ms. Santos has administrative process rights under California law and we hope that she is not prejudged before she has the opportunity to exercise such rights.”

Cyborg will no doubt use all the rights she has available, but the CSAC has already made their determination and things don't look good for her right now.  There were always whispers that, due to her startling physique, she had to be on performance-enhancing drugs.  Those whispers are now shouts, and women's MMA may never be the same.  Sad day for the sport.

The Ghost of MMA Future

by Andrew McGuigan

Do not fear me, human.  Do not recoil from my Guida hair-cut, Tanner homage beard or my tattered UFC 1 event shirt.  
I was there in the beginning; I shall be there in the end.  
For I am the Ghost of MMA Future!
As you celebrate the explosion of MMA’s popularity and dream of the day when your sport is heralded across the world, think again human!  
What if your prayers are fully answered?  
It will not all be rosy and joyous, dear fan.  
Oh no.  
Come with me into a future where MMA has taken hold as the number one sport in the world.
Let me be your guide as we travel forward to the dark legacy of popularist, mainstream MMA.
There is a storm coming, and with the positives, you must also take the negatives!


As MMA takes hold of the world, you will see a last push of opposition and animosity before the war is truly won.  The early television fighter interviews will be as inane as you would expect, with the phrase ‘Human Cockfighting’ being wheeled out one last time by the only people to ever use it: moronic, ill-informed puppet presenters.
This final pathetic shot and the overwhelmingly well argued response of outrage it incites in fight fans worldwide, signals at last the start of MMA’s domination.
Long time fans will celebrate a victory, but very soon the glint of profit attracts the wolves.

The true fan and the fad follower shall become indistinguishable as fighter t-shirts become a fashion must have.  Bandwagon designers and mass producing corporations smother the markets in clichéd, uninspired rags.
See the new clothing, see its skulls and shiny foily bits.  See how every term in the MMA thesaurus is suffixed with the word ‘wear’ and plastered across another churned out design.

Mayhem Miller has kept a low profile since losing to Michael Bisping a few weeks ago, but now he's out of hiding and has posted his thoughts on the fight on his blog.  Here's what he has to say:

"As someone who goes to my website, you are well aware that I lost my recent
fight. I am very disappointed about it, but have used the past couple weeks to reflect on everything and have come to some conclusions.

"Dana White was right. He made some disparaging comments about my performance, and I agree with him. I displayed the worst of everything that night in the octagon. I was tense in round one and I locked up after that. I didn’t perform to my potential, and I take full responsibility for it. That wasn’t a UFC caliber performance, and I’m not happy about it- I won’t, however, write a worthless diatribe on myself, because that is not constructive. I elect instead to take this misstep and make something positive out of it.

"We are all the custodians of our own destinies, and we must all try to do the absolute best with what we have to work with- sometimes you will have great successes and other times colossal failure, but if you don’t try time and time again, you will be left on your couch with nothing but a bucket of “What-ifs.” You have no choice in this life but to push forward and try to do the best you can."

Mayhem goes on to say that he's currently in Holland, working on his kickboxing.  This is a good move, because he was clearly outclassed on the feet against Bisping.  Mayhem is a talented fighter and I'm sure we'll see him back in the UFC again.

Read his full blog post here:  MayhemMiller.com


Kenny Florian, aka Kenflo, found out that GSP's reach has actually inproved since his knee injury.  On this Twitter account, Kenflo posted this pic and the caption:

"Trained with an injured GSP. His reach advantage won him the round. With one leg he still outwrestled me too."

Gotta love Kenny's sense of humor!


Cris Cyborg showed the MMA world why she's the boss of female fighters last Saturday night at Strikeforce with her brutal, quick and stunning knockout of highly regarded Hiroko Yamanaka.  It took Cyborg just 16 seconds to decimate her opponent, and put the rest of the female MMA world on notice.

Cyborg just signed a new 4 fight contract with Strikeforce, but feels that the organization's days are numbered.  She wants the UFC to create a women's division and over the course of her contract plans to "win" Dana White over.

Speaking to Tatame, Cyborg said:

"I’ll take these four fights I have left in Strikeforce to win Dana White. It doesn’t matter if I do so by using of my students, but I’ll be in the UFC someday. I know he has his reasons, and there’re really few women on the circuit, but I’ll keep on going, training, putting on good fights to cheer women up."

Cyborg is certainly deserving of fighting in the UFC, but as she points out, there are few women fighters at that level.  Ronda Rousey is one name that comes to mind as a likely opponent for Cris, but after that, the field dries up.  On the subject Rousey, Cyborg told Tatame:

"I have nothing against her, but the truth is that I don’t really care because I don’t worry about who’s fighting who. When I sign the fight contract I start studying my opponent. I don’t even like to talk much because people want answers about why I said this about her and because she talks too much and while she’s talking I’m training. So, if Strikeforce wants to put us to fight, I’m ready, but I don’t know how it’ll be like."

One way to handle the question of whether Cyborg should fight in the UFC is to have her fight Dana White.  Years ago, Dana tried to line up a boxing match between him and Tito Ortiz.  Maybe he needs to do the same with Cyborg.  If she wins, she gets a UFC contract.  After last weekend's destruction, however, I'm betting Dana wants no part of that match.  And I don't blame him!

Check out the full article on Tatame for more on Cris Cyborg and her future.


Antonio "Big Nog" Nogueira should be able to make a full return to MMA in about six months, according to the doctor who put 16 titanium screws in his broken arm.  Along with the fracture, Nog suffered some nerve damage that was also repaired in the operation he had yesterday.  As reported by ESPN, Big Nog's physician, Dr. Tom R. Hackett, wrote this on Nog's blog:

"Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture to his humerus. The fracture began in the middle of the bone and extended to the elbow region. Unfortunately, the radial nerve was damaged. The nerve is located in the area of the fracture, and the bone compressed it. Before the operation, he had very little strength in his hand and no strength whatsoever in his thumb.

"The operation involved an incision behind the arm. The nerve was removed from the location of the fracture and treated. The fracture was fixed with a plate and 16 screws, and now, less than 12 hours post-op, his hand functions are returning and the bone is mending.

"If all goes well, he'll be back to full training in the coming months and should be 100% to fight in six months or less. We foresee him making a complete and full recovery."

This is great news for the Brazilian fighting legend and his fans.  Big Nog has been thrilling audiences for years and here's hoping that his recovery is complete and that he'll be better than ever.



Gabriel Gonzaga is back in the UFC and will fight at UFC 142 in Brazil, taking on Edinaldo Oliveira.  Gonzaga holds a 12-6 record, but his losses read like a who's who of MMA.  He was beaten by Randy Couture, Fabricio Werdum, Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos during his UFC career, and was cut from the organization after dropping a decision to Brendan Schaub.

Gonzoga is best remembered for his stunning head kick KO over MMA legend Mirko Crocop that set up his title fight with Couture.  He's a big, strong heavyweight who can fight standing and on the ground and it's great to see him back in the UFC.  Check out the kick that shocked the world after the jump.


AMA Fight Club held a fundraising super seminar to help support medical treatment for UFC fighter Dan Miller's son, who was born with PKD, a life-threatening kidney disease. Kristen Brown covered the event, and produced this fantastic two-part video showcasing the seminar.  UFC fighter Chris Weidman was on hand as well, along with Dan's brother, UFC contender Jim Miller.  As the video shows, the event was a success, but treatment is very expensive and more funds are needed.  You can still donate and make a huge difference in this child's life.  His story is as inspirational as it is heartbreaking, and your donation will go a long way towards helping him lead a normal life.

For more info on how to donate, contact:




e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Part 2 of the video after the jump.


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