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Jose Aldo's takedown defense is beyond good. He did a masterful job of defending Chad Mendes's attempts last night at UFC 142, and when the opening presented itself, Aldo landed a crushing knee to Mendes's face, which put the challenger down on the mat.  Aldo followed up with a couple of big punches that put Chad out.  Immediately afterwards, Aldo ran into the stands and was mobbed by jubilant Brazilian fans.  Security worked hard to get him back into the Octagon.

It was a brilliant performace by Jose Aldo, and the win moves him up the pound for pound best lists.  Looks like Aldo is going to be champ for a long time,

Here are the complete results from last night's UFC:

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson made weight, 204 pounds, for his middleweight (185 pound limit) fight with Vitor Belfort tonight. Yes, you read that right.  Yesterday before the weigh ins, while Rumble was cutting weight to make the 185 pound limit, he lost feeling and movement in his legs, which prompted the UFC doctor to order him to hydrate.

At the official weigh ins last night, Johnson came in 12 pounds over, at 197 pounds, which almost torpedoed the fight.  Vitor agreed to allow Johnson to come in heavy--gaining a hefty piece of Rumble's purse in the bargain--but stipulated that Johnson must not weigh more than 205 on fight day.  Johnson and the UFC agreed, and Johnson came in at 204 this morning at a special weigh in.  So the fight is a go, but we'll have to wait and see if Rumble's tough cut will affect his performance in the cage, and also what kind of hot water he's in with the UFC for causing all this drama.



Anthony "Rotund" Johnson usually fights at 170 pounds, and although he's been making weight there, he came in 12 pounds over the 185 pound middleweight limit today, a day ahead of his UFC 142 fight with Vitor Belfort.  12 pounds?  That's not even in the ballpark.  The fight will still happen, however, with Vitor agreeing to the bout and Johnson forfeiting a chunk of his purse.

Johnson weighed in at 197 pounds--after a weight cut--and Vitor insisted that he'll have to weigh less than 205 pounds tomorrow.  If he fails to come in at 205 or less (this is a MW bout, remember), there's a good chance this fight will be scrapped.

Dana White was not happy at the weigh ins, and it remains to be seen how this weight snafu will affect Rumble.  Dana's had a hair-trigger lately (minus the hair, of course) so who knows how he'll respond to this, especially if Johnson is over 205 tomorrow night.

Not sure what happened with Rumble's weight cut, but if he wants to remain on the UFC roster, he needs to get a grip on the number line.  Twelve pounds is as unacceptable as it is dumb, and there is really no excuse.  Hopefully the fight will happen as scheduled tomorrow and Johnson won't have any more weighty issues to burden his fight career.


Edson Barboza is a fast rising, undefeated UFC fighter with an electrifying stand up fighting style.  He's fighting Terry Etim tomorrow at UFC 142 in Brazil, and this fight could very well be the Fight of the Night.  I've been covering Edson back since his Ring of Combat days, and I can tell you that this kid is the real deal.  Look for him to shine in Brazil, and take a big step up the UFC LW ladder.

After the jump, check out some GIFs of Edson in action, as well as a video of me talking with him and his manager and strength and conditioning coach Joe Mullings, owner of the Armory.


(Jose Aldo)

Very nice title tilt headlining UFC 142 in Brazil this weekend, with champion Jose Aldo taking on undefeated contender Chad Mendes in the main event.  Aldo has been wowing fans with his stand up, and he even showed some nice ground work in his recent fights.  Mendes is a NCAA wrestler who has been dominant on his way to this title shot.  Should be a very entertaining fight.  Here are a couple pics of the fighters preparing for battle.


(Chad Mendes)


The UFC will never be mistaken for Ultimate Fighting Chicks, because so far they've resisted putting on women's MMA bouts, and with the recent steroid bust of Cris Cyborg, chances are that we'll never see women fighting in Octagon.  That, however, hasn't stopped Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell from lacing up the gloves and posing for some in-ring action shots.

The only think I'm not clear on is why they are wearing boxing gloves as opposed to MMA gloves.  I mean, with those big boxing gloves on, there's now way they're going to be able to rip each other's clothes off.  Still, a guy can dream, can't he?

Here's a pic afterwards, once they made up.


ESPN's Outside the Lines is investigating the UFC's "monopolistic" business practices and low fighter pay accusations.  Bob Arum, Ken Shamrock and many others have stated their belief that the UFC is unfair to its fighters by not sharing more of the profits.  Bloody Elbow first broke the story of ESPN's upcoming investigative documentary and posted a video trailer, which you can check out after the jump.

I'm sure Dana White is aware of this situation, although he has not yet responded to the reports.  Presumably, his response will contain many F-bombs, and I don't mean "Fox."  When the full video airs, be sure to check it out. Should be interesting, if for nothing else than watching Dana go ballistic.

Here's the trailer:

All good things must come to an end, and in this case it's the end of Brock Lesnar's UFC career.  Dana White spoke to Jim Rome recently and talked about Brock's fight with Alistair Overeem and his subsequent retirement from the sport of MMA.  Dana said that Brock felt great in training camp, but after the beating he took from Overeem, he knew it was time to hang up the gloves.  Here's the interview:


Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson will collide in the Octagon this weekend at UFC 142 in Brazil.  This is a great fight and it's the co-main event along with Jose Aldo's title defense against Chad Mendes.   Belfort vs. Johnson is a fight with definite title implications.  Vitor is looking to rematch Anderson Silva, while Johnson is seeking his first crack at a UFC title.  It's really a must-win for both fighters.

Both men were present at a media photo-shoot down in Brazil (see pics above and below), and they appear rough and ready for their upcoming battle.  Can Vitor stop Rumble's takedowns?  That will be the key for both guys.  If Johnson wants to try one of his famous head kicks, he might be in for a surprise.  He hasn't faced anyone with the striking skills of Belfort, and Vitor will be looking for the kill shot as always.

This is Johnson's first fight at 185 pounds and even though he's moved up a weight class, he still looks huge for his weight.  He'll probably be over 200 pounds on fight night.  We'll have to see if the weight class change makes him stronger, or if he should stay down at welterweight for awhile.




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