Matt "The Hammer" Hamill is hanging up the MMA gloves, according to a report by  The article's author, Paul Daugherty is no fan of MMA, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.  From his blog today:

Local UFC  man made good, Matt Hamill, Loveland HS grad, is going to retire. That’s a good and wise move, given he has lost his last 2 fights. The one Saturday night was especially horrific. Matt was taken down in the 2nd period and blasted repeatedly in the face and head. By the time the ref stopped the bout, Matt was defenseless. I know lots of people enjoy this sport. But when a guy you know is getting brutalized, it’s absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Matt will be OK. He has a gym in Utica, NY, is part owner of a new sports bar, I believe, and has had a movie done on his life.

I’m very glad he’s done with ultimate fighting. No disrespect to those who practice it and follow it, but it’s way over the top brutal and, to me, senseless.


I'm sure Matt Hamill would disagree about the senselessness of MMA.  He is a world class athlete who has competed at the highest level of the sport.  We here at wish Matt much success and happiness in retirement.



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