For shame on the UFC Encyclopedia.  They gave Ken Shamrock, who is one of the most important people in UFC/MMA history, just half a page in the new UFC Encyclopedia.  That's nonsense, and it's just sour grapes on the part of the UFC.  Ken is another persona non grata with Zuffa, along with his brother Frank and many others.  He was involved in a bitter lawsuit with the UFC, and although he lost, they are apparently still smarting and holding a grudge.   In a petty move, it appears that they decided to keep his entry in the encyclopedia down to the barest minimum.

The book was written by Thomas Gerbasi, who is one of the sport's premier writers.  I'm a big fan of Gerbasi's work, but was totally disappointed with the Shamrock entry in this book.  Not that I blame him, mind you.  He obviously was told to keep Ken's entry brief.  Still, it sours me on the project. Because you must respect the chops!




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