After Phil Davis pulled out of UFC 133 with an injury, there was a scramble to find a replacement to fight Rashad Evans in the main event.  The immediate talk was about Lyoto Machida stepping in to take the fight, and it seemed as though he agreed, but then negotiations fell apart at the last minute.  Dana White explained what happened to MMAJunkie:


Machida accepted the fight. We knew for a couple days this was going down, and Machida accepted the fight. Then when we called back and said, 'OK, we're going to make this fight,' Machida's people came back and said, 'We'll tell you what. You pay us what you pay Anderson Silva, and we'll take the fight.' This was after they had already agreed to take the fight.

I said, 'Are you fucking kidding me? I'll tell you what. You tell Machida he achieves what fucking Anderson Silva has achieved, then maybe he'll make Anderson Silva money. Have a nice day.'


Tito Ortiz had initally turned down the bout as well, but later changed his mind and accepted the fight, thereby saving the main event.  Dana sees this as Tito stepping up and now sees Tito in a new light.  If Ortiz had lost to Bader he would have been cut from the UFC roster.   He's safe for now, even if he loses to Rashad.  And if he wins, he could be in line for a title shot. Dana told MMAJunkie:


Fucking right, he gets a break.  Tito stepped up to the plate. It's fucking weird here. It's like I'm dealing with a new person. I like it. I like the new Tito.


Tito is riding high right now and takes that momentum into a fight with a Rashad Evans who has not fought in over a year.  Evans is the big favorite in the fight, despite a draw with Ortiz at UFC 73 in a bout that many people thought Tito won.  A win for Tito at UFC 133 would be huge, and I would not count him out in this fight.  Can Tito Ortiz recapture the magic?  We'll find out on August 6th.



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