UCC 4 Supremacy delivered the goods last night at the Mennan Sports Arena in Morristown, New Jersey.  The crowd was huge and really into the fights, and they certainly got their money's worth.  Rolles Gracie returned to form with a first round submission over Braden Bice, and in his post fight comments he thanked the fans for coming out and seeing him fight in his adopted state of New Jersey.

The main event, featuring a great match up between Andy Main and Filepe Arantes, was unfortunately stopped in the first round and ruled a no-contest.  Arante accidently hit Main with a knee while Main was down.  Dr. Sherry Wulkan examined Main and determined that the fight should not continue.  It was disappointed because up until that point the fight was a barn burning slugfest.  But have no fear, promoter Chris Sblendorio said that he will schedule a rematch for UCC 5.

In another title bout, Sean "Shorty Rock" Santella won a split decison war over Sedico Honorio.  The fight was a back and forth see-saw battle, and Honorio was extremely disappointed with the decision.  Still it was a great fight, and perhaps a rematch can happen down the road.

UCC 4 is also notable for the presence of Mike Constantino, who joined the UCC team and brought a new level of MMA business expertise to the event.  Mike did a great job in running the show last night, and between Chris and Mike, it looks like UCC is going to be a powerhouse promotion in New Jersey. Excellent work, guys!

We'll have lots more about this show, including Shawn Baran's post fight breakdown, so stay tuned for that.

Here are the official results.

Felipe Arantes (104-470) vs. Andrew Main (103-285)
Arantes 146 Main 145.9
Ref Mulhall
This bout is ruled a no contest at 4:38 of round one.
Referee calls an accidental foul from knee to head of downed fighter (Arantes knee to Main's head). Doctor rules Main unable to continue.

Rolles Gracie Jr. (113-143) vs. Braden Bice (101-271)
Gracie 253. Bice 235.7
Ref Miragliotta
Gracie wins at 1:05 of round one via headlock

Sedico Honorio (100-605) vs. Sean Santella (103-170)
Honorio. 135.7 Santella. 133.7
Ref Mulhall
Santella wins split decision in three rounds, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Blatnick.

Mike Stewart (101-062) vs. Glen Sandull (101-501)
Stewart. 214.9. Sandull. 213.5
Ref Miragliotta
Stewart wins via KO punch at 4:49 of round three.

Kevin Roddy (105-601) vs. Christopher Foster (109-884)
Roddy 145.9. Foster 143.7
Ref Mulhall
Foster wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27.

Lucas Pimenta (121-458) vs. Yusuf Yoldas (113-486)
Pimenta. 169.3 Yoldas 170.3
Ref Miragliotta
Pimenta penalized one point in round two for intentional foul of illegal strike to head.
Pimenta wins unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 29-27.

Aljamain Sterling (115-328) vs. Sergio Da Silva (108-871)
Sterling. 136. Da Silva 135.8
Ref Mulhall
Sterling wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-27, 30-27 and 30-25 Blatnick.



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