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Jon Bones Jones got his nickname thanks to his long, skinny legs, but don't be fooled, this guy is strong.  Here's a video of him doing some serious deadlifting.

Edson Barboza's kicks are some of the most powerful in the UFC, and now we know where he gets all that power.  Check out this intense leg workout routine designed by Edson's strength and conditioning coach Joe Mullings.  This is an amazing workout.


Some people are saying that Frank Mir "got lucky" with his kimura submission win over Antonio Nogueira, but the move is something that Mir has trained very hard to perfect.  In this video, which is several years old, Mir shows students how to lock up the kimura and roll with your opponent in the same way he did with Big Nog.  Mir's ground skills cannot be argued with, and this video is a great instructional tool.  Enjoy.

Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida's karate has been very successful for him in the UFC.  The former champion will get a chance to regain the title when he takes on current champ Jon "Bones" Jones next month at UFC 140.  Lyoto is one of the few karate practitioners to have big success in the UFC, and his techniques are always very interesting to watch.  In these two instructional videos, Lyoto shows students of the game some intercepting attacks and other cool karate moves.  Second vid after the jump.

Vitor Belfort is one of MMA's best boxers, and his electrifying stand up has been thrilling MMA fans for years.  In this video, he teaches you how to box for MMA.  Obviously MMA boxing is different than boxing boxing, because mixed martial artists have to be concerned with other things besides their opponents' punches.  Vitor shows you all the tricks.


Here's a new video of Fedor training for Jeff Monson.  The fight is scheduled for November 20 in Moscow, Russia, and is a must win for Fedor.  Fedor, one of the all time great mixed martial artists, is on a 3 fight losing streak, and a win against Monson in the Motherland would be just what the doctor ordered.

Fedor looks good in the video, and he seems very motivated for this fight.  Hopefully he'll show a return to form and then perhaps fight a top HW.  Either way, it's great to see The Last Emperor back in action.

Anderson Silva is just a few days away from defending his UFC middleweight crown in his home country of Brazil at UFC 134.  His opponent, Yushin Okami is one of the strongest guys in the division physically and he's a great wrestler.  Okami will be looking to get the fight to ground, but Anderson might have some tricks of his own up his sleeve in that regard.

In these two videos, Anderson Silva teaches out to use strikes to set up takedowns, and then how to defend takedowns.  He may want to review these tapes before Saturday's bout with Okami.  Here are the videos:

Luiz Cane is looking to reestablish himself in the UFC light heavyweight division when he takes on Stanislov Nedkov next week at UFC 134.  Cane is coming off a win against Elliot Marshall and he wants to build off that win against Nedkov in Rio.  If this training video is any indication, Nedkov is in for a tough night.

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Edson Barboza is a rising star in the UFC.  His last fight won him Fight of the Night honors, and he's looking to keep the momentum going at UFC 134 in Rio next week.  We've featured Edson a lot on here, and feel he's championship material in a very stacked lightweight division.  Here's a video of the talented Brazilian fighter as he trains for Ross Pearson.

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