Tonight is the night.  UFC 133, the rematch between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz.  Their first fight resulted in a draw, and left unanswered questions.  This fight will determine if Rashad gets his long awaited title opportunity again.  If Evans wins, he's the number 1 contender and will fight the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson fight.  If Evans loses, Tito will be in the top 5 and be poised for his own title shot.  Two former champions looking to get back into the championship mix.  This will be an explosive fight.  My edge goes to Tito right now because of his momentum coming off the Bader fight.  Rashad has been out with injuries, plus had a lot of emotional turmoil due to  the Jones/Greg Jackson situation.  This is a prime opportunity for Tito to regain his preeminence in the sport.  Still, it's a very tough fight and could go either way.  Looking forward to finding out tonight.

Here is the weigh in video for Tito vs. Rashad:



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