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A RearNakedJoke.com Exclusive

Tim Kennedy is not only a successful mixed martial artist, he’s also a Special Forces sniper in the  U.S. Army.  And now that he's grown a magnificant pornstache (above), the Green  Beret may very well be adding  a brand new job to his already impressive resume: Porn star.

Kennedy has all the tools necessary to succeed in porn.  First and foremost is his gigantic set of balls, which have been on display throughout his military career, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Couple that with his glorious pornstache, which he debuted his Facebook page recently, and it's easy to see how he could become the next big thing in porn.  After showing off his new facial hair, the MMA star was inundated with offers to get into X-rated films.

Kennedy is mulling over the offers and has not decided if he will bare all.  Some of the movies he has been asked to star in include:

Assghanistan Diaries

Is That an M-16 in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me

Sodom Hussein and Gemorrah

Butt Camp Boot Camp

Shaving Private Ryan

Rear and Pleasant Danger

Asspocalypse Now

Rear Naked Joe

GI Blow

Rambone 134

Weapons of Ass Destruction Vol  47

Das Butt

In Glory Hole Basterds

Full Metal Jackoff

Bronze Starfish

The Secret Diary of Rim Kennedy

We'll keep you up to date on whether Tim decides to take the plunge into porn.  Until then, train hard, Tim!



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