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Mark Coleman will be at DaMMAge Fight League's Big Bang event tomorrow night November 24th in Atlantic City, where he'll be cornering UFC veteran Branden Lee Hinkle in Hinkle's fight against another UFC veteran, Kevin "The Shaman" Jordan.

I had a great conversation with Mark talking about the current top heavyweights in the world. What did you think about Cain Velasquez stopping Brock Lesnar in the first round?

Mark Coleman: I was just incredibly amazed at Cain Velasquez’s calmness and his skill level and his cardio.  I’ve heard about  all these great attributes that he has, but I had to see it myself to believe it  and yes I am a believer.   In my opinion he’s the best in the world right now.   I was amazed, impressed, any words you can use for it.  The guy’s incredible.  People are saying that Brock's chin is suspect.  What's your take?

Mark Coleman: That’s kind of been the word on Brock for a long time.  Everybody says for some reason he doesn’t have a chin, he can’t take a punch, this and that.  I’m not an expert on that subject, but he has seemed to go down a couple times with nothing special on the punches, so maybe that is a big weakness for Brock.  If that’s the case, that’s not a good problem to have in mixed martial arts.


After a commanding first round submission win over Pride and K-1 notable Mark Hunt in his UFC debut, undefeated heavyweight Sean McCorkle's reputation of being "all talk" was quickly upgraded to, "Oh shit, this guy can really fight too?"

When the UFC hit Indianapolis, giving the promising 10-0 local his first big test in the Octagon made perfect sense, but the begrudging MMA community deemed the devastating kickboxer from New Zealand too much for McCorkle to handle.  Unsurprisingly -- especially for anyone familiar with "Big Sexy's" internet savvy -- McCorkle took issue with the fans doubting him, and calmly explained that they would foolishly eat their words after he beat Hunt by quick submission.

In fact, pleasant reminders of this prophecy were boasted by McCorkle in the weeks leading up to the fight, fifteen minutes before it, and immediately after. Substantial and well deserved gloating was involved in these endearing relations with the fans.  Even some of the media who remained skeptical about McCorkle's abilities were treated to screenfuls of unabashed lambasting and roiling counter-criticism.


Going into the biggest fight of Black House light-heavyweight Rafael Cavalcante's career, his opponent King Mo, the Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, was favored across the betting lines as high as -600.

That slanted view only made exhibiting a commanding performance and finishing Lawal with strikes in the 3rd that much sweeter.  After Lawal demonstrated uncanny wrestling ability in his win over Gegard Mousasi and proved he was no slouch with his hands either, most added Feijao's loss to Mike Kyle into the equation to arrive at an easy win for King Mo.  However, his ice cold composure, technical mastery of underhooks in the clinch, and rocket-fueled striking game earned him the Strikeforce 205-pound strap and vaulted him back into the scene of top light-heavyweights in the world.

Feijao was kind enough to share his input on what his star-studded team of elite fighters means to him, what changes in his training routine increased his effectiveness, how he got started in MMA under the wing of "Big Nog", and how he got the nickname "Feijao".

Down at Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat last weekend there were as usual many high profile fighters, including this season's TUF contestant Jeff Lentz.  Jeff spoke with Shawn Baran and gave us his thoughts on TUF and the UFC LW division.  We'll have lots more with Jeff in the near future.  Video after the jump.


Having recently watched A Beautiful Mind, my savante-like intuition was triggered during the national anthem at yesterday's KSW event.  Going on a hunch, I consulted my overseas postal connections, some of which are entrenched deep in the hideous underbelly of Poland.

After toiling endlessly through the night, their transmission arrived this morning, and the results completely validate my suspicions.  What many assumed to be an innocent butchering of the ballad was really a matter of global security.  The American public and MMA media have been unscrupulously duped.  The conspicuous singer -- who, upon intense scrutiny, is quite obviously a metrosexual double agent -- deviously used his worldwide exposure to convey a secret message to governments unknown relating to a serious case of illegal arms theft.

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Following his loss to Jon Fitch at UFC 117 many people felt that it was finally time for Thiago Alves to move up to middleweight. One of these people is UFC President Dana White. At the UFC 117 post fight press conference Dana stated that Thiago needs to move up to middleweight when he comes back for his next fight in the UFC. However, I just received a text from Thiago stating that he will in fact be staying at 170. In the following days I'll be reporting more on this story as Dana will probably not be happy with Thiago wanting to stay at welterweight.


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In the sport of MMA it can be difficult as a fighter to stand out from the crowd. With thousands of fighters worldwide, it takes that special breed to stand out among the pack. For some this means talking bad about their opponents to get some TV time, but for someone like WEC lightweight Anthony Pettis, it means ending every fight in exciting fashion. I caught up with Anthony early last week to talk about his upcoming fight against Shane Roller and his future in the UFC.


Coming off of a disappointing, but still impressive, loss at UFC 116, Seth Petruzelli is looking to bounce back strong.  For Seth, his 15 minutes of fame he received after knocking out Kimbo Slice wasn't enough.  He wants to leave his mark on MMA for years to come.  I caught up with Seth yesterday for an insightful, and very humorous, exclusive interview.


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When Clay Guida steps into the octagon people notice. For some it's his crazy hair and for others his even crazier trip to the ring. The one thing every person notices about Clay above all else though is his will to win. Combine his granite chin, relentless take downs, and sharp elbows, and you have yourself someone genetically created for Fight of the Night honors. I caught up with Clay last night to discuss his upcoming bout against Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 117.



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