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Tim Fowler is an active duty Army soldier, mixed martial artist and occasional contributor to this site. Here is his exclusive interview with Dennis Bermudez:

I got the chance to meet up with Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez before Thanksgiving and his fight for the Ultimate Fighter Finale. As usual I found Dennis training hard with his teammates at Long Island MMA. Below is the interview.

Tim Fowler:  How have you been?

Dennis Bermudez: Good, real good.

TF: So now that everyone knows you’re a finalist for the Ultimate Fighter how has the added attention been?

DB: I’m just Dennis. I mean some guys let it go to their head but not me. A girl from my home town said I was a superstar now. Umm NO! I’m still just Dennis.

TF: Are you ready for the UFC? And all the pressure that comes with being an Ultimate Fighter winner?

DB: Yeah, I’m just trying to stay humble, being the underdog, you know I like it when everyone thinks the other guy is going to win. But yeah I am ready for the UFC.

TF: Has training camp been different this time around getting ready for a UFC fight and your first fight with Long Island MMA?

DB: It’s going well, I’m getting it in. But the difference is a higher urgency and harder push.

TF: Tell me about the last fight in the TUF house? It seemed like it took you awhile to focus.

DB: The plan was for me to take him down.  I was antsy about taking him down right away. I rushed my shots at first and shot out to far away.

TF: Did you know that you put him to sleep in that choke?

DB: No, at first I didn’t. He had tapped so I thought he was still up. But I guess he went out.

TF: Prior to coming on the Ultimate fighter you had some struggles with Jiu Jitsu fighters. Has training with Gregg DePasquale help shore that up?

DB: Yeah, some coach’s rush you, but Gregg takes his time. I can ask him a question and he won’t make feel like an idiot for asking.  But he has definitely helped out a lot.

TF: I recently read that you are treating this like any other fight. But isn’t every fight a big fight?

DB: Yeah, the next fight is always the biggest fight.

TF: Do you feel like a more well rounded fighter now since having gone through the Ultimate Fighter?

DB: Yeah for sure. I feel like I have gotten better in every area, especially jiu jitsu.

TF: So with Thanksgiving coming up, do you get to eat with everyone else?

DB: (Laughs) Yeah I get to eat like with all my other meals but this one will have a Thanksgiving theme to it with turkey and yams. I just won’t be eating any pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Dennis flew out to Las Vegas on the 29th of Nov to finish getting ready for what will be the biggest fight of his career. Watching him get ready for this fight I can say he looks very focused and well prepared. He knows he is walking into this fight as the underdog. But this Saturday in Las Vegas Dennis will have another chance to prove everyone wrong.


Justin Garcia, aka Master Chim, is a master and perfecter of the "Chim Pass." This is a guard pass that Garcia uses it almost exclusively when competing and has a very high success rate with it.  He teaches it at his Jungle Gym schools, and his students love it, and now you can learn the Chim Pass via a 7 DVD instructional set.  Yes, you heard right.  This instructional, for a single guard pass technique, encompasses 7 DVDs.  And each one contains a tremendous amount of great information.

The Chim Pass DVD set doesn't only teach you how to pass guard.  It provides options during the pass, based on what your opponent is doing.  Whatever answer your opponent thinks he has for this pass, Justin Garcia has seen it and figured out a way to counter the counter via variations in the techniques. He also shows how to set up submissions from the pass, and shows you various drills you can work while perfecting the art of the Chim Pass.

I absolutely love this DVD set, and believe it to be one of the most comprehensive, well thought out and well taught instructionals on the market today.  Garcia leaves no stone unturned as he teaches you how to pass guard like a black belt.

I highly recommend The Chim Pass DVD set.  It will be a staple in your DVD instructional library.  For more info on these DVDs, and for info on how to order, and how to get free Chim Pass tips, check out this website:

You'll be glad you did.  But your opponents won't!

After the jump you can check out a video of Master Chim in action.  He's a beast.

Before there was MMA, there was NHB, which stands for No Holds Barred. The first UFCs were NHB events and only had a couple of rules--no biting and no eye-gouging. After the first few shows, the promotion began adding more rules, and eventually the sport, which was by this time called MMA, or mixed martial arts, began to get officially sanctioned by state athletic commissions.

Nick Lembo, of the NJSACB, was instrumental in bringing the "unified rules" to MMA, and New Jersey was the first state to officially sanction the sport. Now most commissions use these rules when sanctioning MMA events and most states recognize MMA as a legitimate sport.

Edson Barboza is a fast rising, undefeated (8-0) UFC fighter, who has been dazzling fans with his striking prowess. The Rio de Janeiro, Brazil native has a background in Muay Thai, but is working hard on his ground game.  He's gets to fight in his hometown at UFC Rio next month, and is very much looking forward to his homecoming.

"It's awesome to fight in my hometown,"  he said,  "because I will able to see my family and friends and feel their energy.  But when the cage is closed, it is the same show, the same rules and it's the same show just like anywhere else.  So it doesn't matter for me where the show is, but it is important to me that I'm ready to fight.  Of course it will be a great opportunity for me, but I'm focused on to preparing for the fight and not on what will happen in the fight.  As I say the pressure is outside of the cage, because inside the cage is just enjoying my hard work."

Edson, who is coming off a win over Anthony Njokuani, in a bout that won Fight of the Night honors at UFC 128, is taking on TUF season 9 winner Ross Pearson.  This could be Edson's toughest fight yet, and he's ready for it.

"I know that Ross Pearson is a good opponent and I'm working very hard for that fight,"  he said. "My camp is going great, I have no injuries, and I'm focused on my game and what I will do."

What he will do depends on what Pearson does, of course.  Edson, known as a ferocious striker, is ready for all aspects of a mixed martial arts contest. Edson trains at the Armory with a host of big name coaches.

"I'm training striking with coach Ouali and my partners Luis Cane and Marlon Moraes,"  he said.  "I've been training jiu-jitsu and grappling with big names like Eduardo Guedes, Rafael Chaves, Pablo Popovitch, Roberto Cyborg and Vagner "Ceara" Rocha, and also I'm training wrestling at Imperial Gym.  I'm doing my strength and conditioning with Joe Mullings.  So I'm working all of MMA points for that fight because I want to be able to work standing up and on the ground in this fight."

Edson fights in the UFC's lightweight division, which is arguably the most stacked of any weight class.  But he feels he's ready to take on just about anyone.

"I know how competitive that the 155 division is,"  he said.  "This makes me work even harder for my fights.  It's hard to say who is the top on that division, because there are a lot of great fighters in the lightweight division.  What I can say is this division is one of the toughest divisions in the UFC."

Edson is realistic about moving up in the rankings, due to the level of talent near the top.  There's a bit of a log jam, because of injuries to LW champion Frankie Edgar and number 1 contender Gray Maynard, a development that has delayed their fight.  Barboza does not let this situation distract him.

"I'm not worried about that right now,"  he said.  "I just want to do a good job and keep working step by step to reach my earned space in the UFC.  I have great partners and great coaches and I want to do a good job."

When asked if there's anyone in particular who he'd like to fight, Edson is non-committal.

"I don't have anyone in particular that I'd like to fight,"  he said.  "I am a professional fighter and I fight whoever the UFC requests me to fight."

If Edson, whose full name is Edson Mendes Barboza Jr., continues his winning ways, he's going to find himself being asked to fight the UFC champion in the not so distant future.

Check out this killer highlight of Edson after the jump.

Referee Dan Miragliotta is a familiar face at the UFC, where he referees many big fights.  He also refs at numerous shows in his home state of New Jersey.  In this exclusive interview Dan talks about reffing, training fighters and even his tan!  Enjoy.









Dana White is one of the most powerful men in sports today.  But like everyone else he was a kid once too, a cute one at that.  And we've got the pictures to prove it.  These exclusive photos come straight from Dana's Mom, so we know they are authentic.  It's no secret that Dana and his mother are estranged, and we will have much more on that particular story in the near future (including more photos).  In the meantime, check out the kid who grew up to become the man they call "The Baldfather."


In a sport as physically draining as mixed martial arts, you rarely see a fighter make it past their late thirties, but “The Snowman” Jeff Monson doesn’t plan on melting any time soon as the 40 year old UFC veteran prepares to fight world class wrestler Daniel Cormier on June 18th at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum.’s Kalin Johnston had a chance to catch up with Jeff to get his thoughts on the fight as well as talk politics.



Clay Guida has always been talked about as a fighter with great heart and willing to fight anyone, but lately it is “The Carpenter’s” fighting ability that is making headlines.  On June 4th the Illinois born fighter will take on a man making highlight reels around the world, Anthony Pettis, at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale in which many fans are saying is the most anticipated fight of the year.’s Kalin Johnston caught up with Clay to get his thoughts on the fight.



Shamar Bailey has become known as of late for his fighting abilities that he has showcased on the UFC’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter, but to Shamar’s family and friends he is known as a humble firefighter.’s Kalin Johnston caught up with Shamar at his home away from home to get his thoughts on everything TUF.



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