In a surreal YouTube moment, Dana White's mother, June White, posted a video where she was interviewed by Dana's arch-enemy Jerry Millen. Millen spoke with Mrs. White about the changes she's seen in her son since he hit the big time, including the physical changes in his physique which, in June White's opinion, are the result of steroid use.  The video was on YouTube for several hours, but then disappeared due to Zuffa claiming copyright ownership.  That claim is bogus of course, because Zuffa does not own people's opinions--not yet anyway, but they're working on it!

Fortunately, the video has resurfaced on YouTube and I have posted it here.  Mrs. White has been getting blasted by fans of the "Baldfather" and people have been saying unspeakably horrible things about her.  I'm not sure how Dana could let his mom take that kind of abuse--she is his mother, after all.

The video is a follow up to her tell-all book called Dana White: King of MMA.  It is a brutally honest look at the transformation of Dana White, as seen by the one person who was there from the very beginning.  The book is available at

Here's the forbidden video interview with Jerry Millen and June White.



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