UFC is a professional MMA organization which was founded in 1993 to revolutionize the industry. So far, the organization has managed to achieve this goal. UFC is now the globe’s leading Mixed Martial Arts promoter which organizes a series of MMA events in stadiums situated all around the world.

These sporting events usually consist of fighting competitions where participants use a combination of wrestling, boxing, judo, and martial arts techniques to beat their opponents. This combination of skills has since been named Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.

A brief history of the UFC

This organization was originally founded by Art Davie – an entrepreneur formerly active in the Southern California advertising circles. The ultimate aim was to organize a series of fighting events which would test the skills of fighters coming from various martial arts to determine who the best fighter was.

This kind of events was always very popular in fighting games. In fact, Red Flush casino is among the many casinos that are pushing this agenda forward.

Back then, early tournaments had very few rules. This could be used as a golden selling point to the pay-per view MMA audience who seemed to enjoy the matches anyway. Head butts, hair pulling, and low blows were allowed. This resulted in bloody fighting scenarios where people ended up with fatal injuries.

Nevertheless, these fights used to be popular because MMA audience found the clashing styles of fighting very appealing.

Royce Gracie doing his family proud


The Brazilian fighting legends known as the Gracie family were well represented during the early tournaments of this time. It is during this time that Rorion Gracie’s (founder of Ultimate Fighting Championship) brother was appointed to represent his family at the UFC. Royce Gracie was still able to make them proud because he secured 3 wins out of 4 matches that he participated in. This man has since joined Ultimate Fighting Championship hall of fame.

UFC ownership switched hands in 2001

The organization was acquired by Zuffa, and was managed by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. Within no time, the UFC organization was back on its track, doing the major pay-per-view fighting events. With a little bit of marketing here and there, the shows begun gaining popularity, and stars such as Tito Ortiz emerged. On the other hand, celebrities started gracing UFC matches.

UFC in the recent years

UFC started facing criticisms and challenges that would soon force it to restructure. The organization suffered pressure from politicians like John McCain who, at one time, referred to it as human cockfighting. As a result, the fighting shows were given a blackout by the media since most of the cable companies were not willing to continue associating themselves with the brutal sport.

Since this sport was in the event of collapsing, UFC moved with speed to introduce new rules and regulations governing how people fought. They banned head butts, groin shots, and any other style that would harm sensitive parts of the body. They introduced gloves and weight divisions too. These changes transformed UFC events to fan-friendly shows that people could watch comfortably. Even ESPN recognized MMA as a world-class sport and allocated time to their fighting events. Moreover, casinos haven’t been left behind either. A good example would be the MMA slot machines becoming some of the most popular categories of Red Flush mobile casino games.

Today, these shows are aired on TV thanks to the The Ultimate Fighter show which put MMA sports into the limelight so that people who were unfamiliar to the sport could learn about it for the first time. If you have a satellite dish, you can enjoy their pay-per view matches since these matches are routinely aired on North American TV stations.



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