Your hear this everywhere you go: "Just heard about this new diet, it really works." Everyone gets excited, they don't eat carbs for two weeks, lose some weight. Eventually, put it back on, plus more, in a matter of weeks.

That has changed as pro MMA fighter and nutritionist Mike Dolce has created not just a diet plan but a way of living life, and I'm loving every second of it.

Dolce, a man who has been into nutrition his whole life, had started helping MMA fighters that struggle to reach their respective weights. Word got out quickly that this diet plan really works. Not only were the fighters making weight with no problem, but their performances in the cage were improving as well. Mike's phone started ringing off the hook with fighters from all over the country seeking his assistance with their nutritional programs.Now "The Dolce Diet" is a well known brand and it is offered to everyone. Whether you are a fighter or someone just looking to better their life and feel great about themselves, you are able to get ahold of Mike's diet program.

In his book, "The Dolce Diet", Mike goes into a day by day detailed look on how he lost over 40 lbs to make weight for a fight over a couple week period. He also talks about what foods to eat, what not to eat, when to have cheat meals, the importance of water, planning meals, and eating frequently but being proportioned. I have purchased the Dolce Diet book. I thought I knew how to lose weight correctly before I read this material. Boy, was I wrong. I was already in shape and lost about 8 pounds on my own. Got the book and started following the Dolce plan. I went from 192 to 176 in 16 days ! I made weight for my Jiu-Jitsu tournament and felt great grappling, didn't have that slugish feeling that I have had in the past. It felt great to be that light again, loved having endless amount of energy, liked the way my body looked and I was just overall happier.

After the tournaments, I was afraid I could fall back into bad eating habits. I do eat a little more now but all healthy food and hold my weight between 183-185. It should be an even easier cut the next time a competition comes up.

If you still don't believe in this diet program, you can ask Mike Dolce yourself, yes yourself. You can personally ask Mike any question's on his twitter account, @TheDolceDiet. Dolce is very active on his Twitter page and is always answering all sorts of questions. I have become quite friendly with Mike on Twitter.  He's a great guy and really knows how to stay positive and encourage people to reach their goals. Mike always asks how my progress is going and it's just cool that I can talk to the man who wrote this book at almost anytime of the day.

"The Dolce Diet" helping people lose weight and live longer !

You can also visit his website and



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