Team Renegade

Team Renegade is in full effect.  Tonight begins Week 3 of the 104 week program, wherein Anthony Sansonetti will turn 20 aspiring fighters into real fighters. I train with those guys, of course, and am documenting their training and I can tell you that I'm very impressed so far.  The guys all have great attitudes and they're all training hard and really want to fight.

Actually, one of the fighters, Ben Syers, has an amatuer MMA fight under his belt and will be fighting again in July at the Evolution AMMA show at Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ.  I called Ben's last fight, also at Evolution AMMA, and it will be fun to introduce him again in July.

From Week 2, I've got 3 videos for you.  The Team Meeting, some basic drills, and some station training.  The training vids are after the jump.  Check em out!

Anthony Sasonetti is a world class Sambo artist and MMA advocate.  He runs Tiger Martial Arts on Long Island and he's put together a team of 20 aspiring fighters who will train with him and his coaching staff for two years and then make their MMA debuts.

I train at Tiger Martial Arts myself, and will be documenting the progress of the team.  We've created a YouTube channel where you can see the latest video footage from the team and follow its developments:

You can also check out Team Renegade's official website here:

Here's a video of the first team meeting and some basic training.  Then after the jump you'll find two more videos. The rules meeting and an interview I conducted with Sansonetti where he lays out his vision for Team Renegade.


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