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Last week, Team Renegade did some team grappling matches ahead of the ACOM Sports NY grappling tournament held in Fishkill on Saturday.  Several team members won first place, and there were a few second and third place finishes as well.  Overall, the team did well and you can definitely see an improvement in their technique (and mine) since this program started in May.

Here's the video of team members competiting with each other in the gym.  After the jump, check out Anthony Sansonetti and the team meeting and a highlight video of the tournament itself.

About half a dozen members of Team Renegade will be competing this Saturday at a grappling tournament in Fishkill, NY. In preparation, the guys have been grappling hard.  Here's a video of Tim and Taylor having a match.

After the jump, check out a video of Tim, who is in the Army and will be competing in the Army Combatives event in October.

There is a grappling tourney happening in upstate NY on July 17, and several Team Renegade members will be competing.  To get them ready, Anthony Sansonetti has them doing extra grappling.  Here's a video showing the guys working out on the mat, and after the jump is the team meeting video.

Two more videos from Team Renegade's 7th week of training. These feature clinch work and sub defense.

Anthony Sansonetti demonstrates single-leg take down defense in week 7 of training.  Excellent progress is being made by the team as the work both their ground and stand up games. Check out for more.

Good progress is being made by members of Team Renegade in their quest to become MMA fighters.  In just six weeks you can already see the improvement in their technique, as Anthony Sansonetti puts them through his innovative MMA drills.

In the team meeting this week, Sansonetti reminds the team members of the importance in training seriously.  He is correct in pointing out that in MMA, if you are not prepared, you could be leaving the cage on a stretcher.

For your viewing pleasure, today we have the team meeting and also two sparring drills videos, including takedowns.  And be sure to check out for all the latest Team Renegade MMA news.

More videos after the jump.

All right, another week in the books for Team Renegade.  Nineteen aspiring mixed martial artists all training for their first amateur fight.  Each week I post videos of the team meetings and training sessions so you can track all the progress.  Joe Jennings, our IT whiz, is going to create a tab for Team Renegade where you'll be able to browse all the videos and articles.

I will be back at Tiger Martial Arts tonight, training with Anthony Sansonetti and the team and filming them working out.  Here are the videos from Week 5.  Part 1 of the team meeting here, part 2 and clinch drills after the jump.

Team Renegade started out with 20 aspiring MMA fighters, but week 4 saw one of them resign.  This is not totally unexpected.  The rigors of training are very real and very tough.  It takes a lot of dedication and hard training to prepare for MMA.  Some people will find that their lifestyles are incompatible with the training schedule, and then it becomes their decision to make.  I'll be back at Team Renegade HQ tonight shooting more footage and getting beat up by my training partners.

Team Renegade is in full effect.  All 20 aspiring MMA fighters are showing their dedication and work ethic by putting in their hours at the gym.  I have two videos this week, the first is the team meeting with team founder Anthony Sansonetti.  The second, after the jump, is a hard sparring match between Jeff Houck and Rich Romano.  The session included take downs and was fun to watch.

Also after the jump is Sansonetti's May Training Report, which will be a monthly feature on the official site at

And don't forget to check out the official Team Renegade YouTube channel:


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