Team Renegade

Team Renegade members Jay Reyes and Taylor Costantino compete at the NY State Grapping Finals in October of this year.  Check out their video highlights.

Team Renegade was very well represented at the Evolution Fighting Championships a few weeks ago by Ben Syers.  Syers recorded the quickest knockout in Evolution AMMA history when he dispatched the very tough Bobby Ascolillo with a left hook at just 4 seconds into the fight.

I train at Team Renegade and I can tell you first hand that Ben hits hard.  He works over the bags and his sparring partners with his power and it showed in the fight.

To Bobby's credit, even after getting rocked like that, his instincts were to fight.  He tackled referee Keith Peterson and mounted him, which is just another job harzard job for referees.  Keith did a great job in safely getting Bobby off him and into the hands of the ringside physicians and Bobby will be fine and fight again soon.

Here's the video of Ben's spectacular KO.

Team Renegade member  Tim Fowler competed in the all Army Combatives Tournament held at Ft. Benning Georgia recently. Tim, a Sgt First Class in the US Army, competed in a division stacked with over 60 of the best Army Combatives fighters from all over the world. He made it through to the 3rd opponent before being eliminated from the tournament. Below is a video of his 2nd match of the day.

Ben Syers of Team Renegade is training hard for his upcoming amateur MMA title shot at Evolution AMMA on November 6 in New Jersey.  In the following video, Ben demonstrates punching drills on the heavy bag and wrecking ball bag.  These are explosive exercises designed to increase punching power.  Commentary is by Team Renegade head trainer Anthony Sansonetti.

One of Team Renegade's members will be fighting at the Modern Army Combatives tournament next month in Georgia.  Team members have been helping him prepare for the fight.  The tournament consists of three phases:  Phase 1 is grappling.  Phase 2 is grappling plus stand up, using open handed strikes.  Phase 3 is MMA rules.

This is the third video is the Modern Army Combatives series, and in this one we have Ben and Taylor throwing down hard.  Check it out after the jump.

The Modern Army Combatives tournament in Georgia next month is broken into three phases.  Phase 1 is grappling.  The winners will go on to Phase 2, which is grappling plus open handed strikes on the feet.  Those winners will move on to Phase 3, which is MMA rules.

In the following video, Team Renegade fighter Ben Syers rolls with a soldier to prepare him for his battle at the tourney.  After that, head trainer Anthony Sansonetti, like a drill seargent, turns up the heat.  This is a Phase 2 training video, where open handed strikes are allowed.

You can check out the Phase 1 training video here:  Team Renegade Modern Army Combatives.

Team Renegade is an MMA team, but its members do everything from grappling tournaments to kickboxing matches to Modern Army Combatives competitions.  In the following video, three members of Team Renegade engage in MAC training.  Instead of a gi or jacket, they train in fatigues.  Check it out.

Team Renegade is led by Anthony Sansonetti, recent winner of the Master's Division of British Open sambo tournament.  Rolling with Anthony is always a treat, even when he's gently subbing you out.  In the following video, Anthony rolls with Team Renegade members.  To be the best, you need to roll with the best!  Here's the vid:

As Team Renegade progresses on its journey, the members have all learned the basics and will be moving on to some more intensive training.  In this video, head trainer Anthony Sansonetti puts the team through a series of one minute drills on moves they've learned.  These drills are a great way to teach muscle memory and to warm up for some hard sparring and rolling.


Also, check out the tab at the top for Team Renegade, where you can track all of there progress.  And make sure to check out their YouTube channel and Team Renegade website.


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