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Three members of Team Renegade will be participating tomorrow in the 1st Annual Liberty Bell 1st Annual Liberty Bell Classic East Coast King of Catch Tournament located inside the Klein JCC at 10100 Jamison Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19116.  Anthony Sansonetti, Team Renagade founder and a decorated international Sambo champion and mixed martial artist, will be competing at the tournament, along with team members Jeremy Piaser and Ben Syers, both of whom have competed and won extensively in grappling matches as well as mixed martial arts bouts.

I train with Team Renagade and believe that there is no better place to train than with Anthony, Ben, Jeremy and the rest of the team.  I expect big things tomorrow.  Good luck to Team Renagade!

About the tournament:  The North American Catch Wrestling Association, in conjunction with Scientific Wrestling proudly bring you the 1st Annual Liberty Bell Classic East Coast King of Catch Tournament!!! No Points! No Politics! No Sandbagging! Submissions & Pins WIN!!! A Tournament for everyone!!

Please read below for a great opportunity to support Team Renegade on their quest for Sambo Gold.  Sambo is a Russian martial art, and it's a great base for MMA.  Just ask Fedor Emelianenko!   I train with Team Renegade, and I know first hand how dedicated and hardworking Anthony Sansonetti and his team are.  Travel is expensive, especially for the overseas tournaments, so every little bit helps.  Check out the Team Renegade website for more info.

The Team needs funds for Tournament Entry Fees, Equipment, and Travel Expenses. You can help us tremendously  for as little as just $25! We also have T-Shirts for sale where a portion of each sale goes towards the team for sponsorship. If you own a business, we have a special Business Advertising Package, where 100% of the funds goes to the team. Anything you can give helps!

Please visit the Renegade Store to Sponsor!

This is what we have planned so far for 2013

U.S. Open - May 5th, New Jersey

Scottish Sambo Open - July 20th, Scotland

We are also considering international Sambo tournaments later this year in:

Argentina ( Pan Ams), Germany, England, Bulgaria, and of course the USA.



Each Team member needs about $250 in Equipment, entrance fees into tournaments (ranging from $20 to $75), and travel expenses  which varies considerably. Anything we can raise will help lessen the financial burden on each competitor.

Here is a list of our current Renegade Sambo Competition Team with their Sambo achievements listed as well:


Anthony Sansonetti

2007 Sambo League Coach and Competitor for Sambo League Champions- Team Renegade
2008 Team American Sambo Coach and Competitor
2010 Britsh Open Sambo Championships- Champion - Gold Medal Masters Division
2010 British Open Sambo Championship - Finalist- Silver Medal 90KG Division
2011 Dutch Open Sambo Championships  - Finalist- Silver Medal
2011 Paris Grand Prix Sambo Championships - Semi-Finalist
2011 US Open and Pan American Sambo Championships - Semi-Finalist - Bronze Medal
2013 NOLA - New Orleans Invitational Sambo Championships - Finalist
2013 Arnolds Open Sambo Championships - Champion - Gold Medal

Jeremy Piaser

2006 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships- Silver Medal
2007 Sambo league team member of Sambo League Champions- Team Renegade
2007 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Gold medal
2007 Canadian Combat Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2008 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2009 Renegade Invitational Sambo Championships- Gold Medal
2009 North American Freestle Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2011 US Open and Pan American Sambo Championships - Semi-Finalist -  Bronze Medal
2012 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2013 NOLA New Orleans Invitational Sambo Championships - Finalist

Ben Syers

2008 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2009 Renegade Invitational Sambo Tournament - Silver Medal
2013 NOLA New Orleans Invitational Sambo Tournament - Gold Medal

Taylor Costantino

2011 US Open and Pan American Sambo Championships - Gold Medal
2012 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Silver Medal

Matt Dixon

2011 US Open and Pan American Championships - Bronze Medal

Peter Saenz

2012 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships - Silver Medal

Brittany waunsch

2013 Arnolds Open Sambo Championships - Gold Medal

My teammate at Team Renegade, Ben Syers, will be fighting tonight at Lou Neglia's ROC AMXI show tonight in Rahway, New Jersey.  Ben is in beast mode and I expect a dominate performance from him.  Ben's fight is guaranteed to be off the hook, and the rest of the card is stacked as well.  If you can't make it to the Rahway Rec Center, make sure to check out the fights live on GoFightLive.

War Ben Syers!!


Long Island fighter Taylor Costantino has had a string of bad luck in trying to make his MMA debut.  The talented fighter (and Sambo tournament gold medal winner) has had several opponents pull out of matches at the last minute.  Then, this past June, at the Asylum Fight League show, Taylor was wrapped up and ready for his fight when the entire event got cancelled halfway through due to moisture accumulation on the fighting surface.

Still, the Team Renegade member perservered and continued to train hard as he awaited his chance to fight his first mixed martial arts bout.  He finally got that chance last Saturday at Cage Time 4 in Pennsylvania.  Not surprisingly, Taylor dominated, unleashing his pent up frustration enroute to a commanding 2nd round submission by way of kimura.

I train with Taylor at Team Renegade under the watchful eye of trainer Anthony Sansonetti.   It's a fun place to train and we have a good time as I annoy him (and everyone else) with my constant smack-talk.  But when we roll and spar, Taylor is all business.  He's very strong physically, has good punching power and excellent submission skills, which is pretty amazing considering that he's just 19 years old and has only been training for little more than a year.  His dedication to training and his hard work paid off big in his MMA debut.  Congrats to Taylor Costantino!

Congrulations also go out to Anthony Sansonetti, who is the best coach I've ever had the pleasure of training with.  Anthony is not only a skilled competitor himself, he truly loves teaching, and it shows in the success of his students.  You will be hearing lots more about Team Renegade in the future, because Anthony is training his guys to be champions.

Speaking of which, Ben Syers, who trains under Anthony and helps run some of the classes, is the reigning and defending Evolution Fighting Championship welterweight champ, and he'll be defending his tile one month from now, on August 27.   Taylor is also fighting on this card, so if you want to see how Team Renegade rolls, here's a great opportunity.

Here is the video of Taylor's MMA debut as shot by "Shaky" Matt Dixon.

Team Renegade head coach Anthony Sansonetti is one strong man.  He lifted me off the ground in a Karelin-type moment the other day, and we happened to get it on video.  I've seen him do this to bigger guys than me.  This is an example of some amazing core strength.

(Sambo legend Taylor Costantino poses with a fan)

Taylor Costantino is a member of Team Renegade, home to Ben Syers of 10 second KO fame.  Trained by world class Sambo player Anthony Sansonetti, Taylor is ready to make his MMA debut, which will happen at the Asylum Fight League this June 18 at Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, NJ.

I train with Taylor and the team, and I can tell you this kid is a beast.  He's super strong at 145 pounds, and his technique is great.  I expect big things from him in MMA, and will proudly be ring announcing him at his Asylum debut.

This past weekend, Taylor entered the US Open Sambo tournament, and took home the gold.  He finished two out of three of his matches, and did not get scored on even once.  Congrats to Taylor, Anthony and Team Renegade!

Here's the video of his matches.

Anthony Sansonetti is the coach of Team Renegade, home of Ben Syers of 4 second KO fame.  He is also a world class Sambo player who won gold at the the British Sambo Open last year and just took him the silver medal this year at the Dutch Open.  In this video interview he talks about Sambo and training his guys, including me, at Team Renegade.

Anthony Sansonetti is the coach of Team Renegade MMA based on Long Island.  In 2010, one of his students, Ben Syers, won the Evolution AMMA title, and Anthony himself won the US Combat Sports Mid-Atlantic coach of the year award for 2010.  This year, Sansonetti is getting off to a great start with another achievement, the Silver medal at the Dutch Sambo Open, which took place in Holland last week.

I'm proud to say that I train with Anthony and Team Renegade, where the guys use me as both a human grappling dummy and punching bag, and I love every minute of it.  Anthony truly is a great coach, and there are many guys on the team who will have great MMA careers.

Here is the video of Anthony's matches in Holland.  I'll be doing an interview with him this week as well, so stay tuned for that.  Congrats, Coach!

Team Renegade members Ben Syers and Jeremy Piaser perform leg lock drills in this instructional video.  Filmed at Anthony Sansonetti's Team Renegade's training facility by yours truly.

Nice t-shirt, Mr. Sansonetti!


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