Team Renegade is in full effect.  All 20 aspiring MMA fighters are showing their dedication and work ethic by putting in their hours at the gym.  I have two videos this week, the first is the team meeting with team founder Anthony Sansonetti.  The second, after the jump, is a hard sparring match between Jeff Houck and Rich Romano.  The session included take downs and was fun to watch.

Also after the jump is Sansonetti's May Training Report, which will be a monthly feature on the official site at

And don't forget to check out the official Team Renegade YouTube channel:


Anthony Sansonetti's May Report

May has come and gone, and I am very happy with the progress of the team so far. the enthusiasm on the mats is awesome! Each month i will be posting the hours trained by each team member.

Ben Syers, in usual fashion trained every hour of available time from may 12th to June 1st. That's why he is the team captain. His dedication to training is remarkable. He has a fight coming up, but he typically trains this much week in and week out. He also runs sprints and does plyometrics on top of his MMA training.

Here are the individual hours each Team member trained:

May 12th to June 1st total training hours by each Team Renegade member. There was a total of 10 available days of training during this time period.

Only actual training hours were calculated. Talking after training is not credited as training time!

Ben Syers                       29 hours

Jeff Houck                       21.5 hours

Jesse Divers                  21 hours

Taylor Costatino            18.5 hours

Danny Kuhlmann          17 hours

Rich Romano                16 hours

Eddie Picun                   14.5 hours

Josh Sailor                     14.5 hours

Jeff Arroyo                      14.5 hours

Chris Fleitas                  14.5 hours

Tim Hickey                      14 hours

James Daly                    12 hours

Joe Peralta                     11.5 hours

Jerome Reyes               11.5 hours *

Tim Fowler                      11.5 hours

Steve Brumberg             11 hours

Rob Robinson                9.5 hours *

Kevin Crean                    9 hours

Steve Zangrillo                9 hours

Pan Yamniyom               8.5 hours *

* Injured for part of the month. Injury = something that requires medical attention. Colds (short of the plague), and bumps and bruises do not count.

Total combined team training time = 288.5 hours

Average team member training time= 14.5 hours



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