A Rear Naked Joke Exclusive

Takanori Gomi, the legendary fighter from Japan, is changing careers. He’s trading in his MMA gloves for a microphone and hopes to make a career out of being a rapper. His specialty will be gangsta rap.

“I’ve always loved gangsta rap,” Gomi told our Japanese correspondent. “My favorite artists were Tupac and Biggie. I feel like I'll be more successful behind the mic than in the cage. The only way I’m going to beat guys like Clay Guida is by drive-by shooting.”

Gomi, who will be going by the stage name Takanori Homie, used to fight at lightweight. He's put on some pounds since his last fight in the UFC. He also got himself tatted up. Between his big belly and his “Thug Life” tattoo, he looks like a cross between his two favorite rappers. It’s the look that Gomi was going for.

“I couldn’t decide who to emulate, Tupac or Biggie, so I decided to do both,” he explained. “The bad thing is that they had a blood feud going. My first raps are going to be about me hating me. Eventually I may have to bust a cap in my own ass.”

Hopefully, that won’t be for awhile. At least until his first record is released. We wish Takanori Homie the best of luck in his new career.

(Gomi Photoshop by inf0)

(jjj2121 also contributed to this article)



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