Move over Jon Jones.  There's a new crime fighting UFC veteran in town and his name is Guy Mezger.  Guy, who is the president of HDNet fights, and a former world champion kickboxer and UFC and Pride veteran (and the only man to submit Tito Ortiz), saved a woman from her deranged, knife-wielding boyfriend recently.

Guy explained the story on the Carson's Corner radio show yesterday.  He was out shopping for a bike for his daughter when he came upon a guy beating up his girlfriend.  Guy got in between the two and was attacked by the man.  Mezger threw the guy, who landed on his head and was knocked out briefly. When he came to, he attacked Guy again, this time with a knife, and cut Guy on the hand.  Guy then knocked him out again, but once again the guy came to and attacked.  So Guy did what Guy does best and put a Jason Fairn style beatdown on his ass.  In the midst of all this, the cops showed up and almost tasered Mezger, but soon realized that he was the hero.  They then hauled the beaten and bloodied attacker off the big house, where hopefully he will be dropping his soap and biting his pillow for years to come.

Great job, Guy Mezger!

After the jump, check out this excellent highlight reel of Guy in action.



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