Charlie Sheen got roasted last night, and by roasted I don't mean stoned, drunk and high--although I'm sure that was on his to-do list--I mean roasted as in having comedians rip him a new asshole on Comedy Central.  The producers of the roast put together the finest team of celebrity B-list has-beens and never-was's that they could find on ten minutes notice and set them loose on each other and on Charlie.

Mike Tyson was on hand for the festivities and he appeared to be having a good ol' time dishing out and taking abuse from the other roasters.  A few of the comedians took jabs about his face tattoo, but the knockout blow on that subject was delivered by Amy Schumer, who compared Iron Mike's face tat to a tramp stamp and said that most guys didn't know whether to be afraid of it or come on it.

Steve-O was also on the dias, and the now drug-free Jackass star proved that he didn't need to get high to act like a complete moron.  Steve-O has made a career out of putting himself in dangerous situations and/or shoving objects up his own ass, and last night he sort of combined the two by taking his head out of his ass just long enough to launch it face first at Mike Tyson's waiting fist.  The first attempt was a dud, and Steve-O came away sadly unscathed. But he's no quitter and on the third attempt, he hit pay dirt--aka Mike Tyson's gnarly knuckles--shattering his nose and earning a smattering of applause.  The only way to describe the way the blood poured from Steve-O's nostrils is:  "Duh, winning!"

Does this mean we'll see Steve-O in the cage with some MMA gloves on?  Not likely, unless they change the Unified Rules to allow fighters to fight while having a live trout swimming in their colon.  But hey, you never know.



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