Up in Vancouver last night, outside the Cinema Public House, Shia LaBeouf got his ass kicked.  By the time the camera started rolling, Shia was already on the ground and some shirtless drunk dude was punching him in the face.  Shia's turtle was terrible, which really goes to show how poorly the guy fights.  He has a reputation as a tough guy, but come on, if you can't even turtle right, it's time to learn how to run away from confrontations.

After the fracas was broken up, it seemed that Shia wanted to go after the guy.  Presumably he wanted to be put into a coma rather than just roughed up.  Fortunately for him, his friends held him back.

Maybe they need to make another Ninja Turtle movie and cast LaBeouf in it.  At least that way he'll be prepared for some drunken slob to issue a beatdown.

Here's the video of the quote unquote fight.

Source: TMZ



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