Yesterday I posted an article about Satoshi Ishii suffering a possible career-ending head injury in his fight with Fedor Emelianenko.  This story has been making the rounds on MMA sites, and its point of origin is the Japanese website

Now, however, there is a new twist on things, with Ryo Chonan claiming that the reports are false.  Here is a translated version of what Chonan had to say on the matter, from the website  The translation comes courtesy of nodogoshi of the Team Takeover Forums.

"Satoshi Ishii's health is good" - Reports of imminent retirement angrily denounced

A report circulated on Janurary 30th that Satoshi Ishii, who was briefly in the hospital following a KO loss to Fedor, was facing imminent retirement after having been found suffering from a brain disorder. As appeared in the report, "one theory is 'cerebral endema', it has been said." Ishii was therefore thought to be in a serious condition [i.e. by fans, etc].

However, this rumor was vehemently denounced by DEEP middleweight champ Ryo Chonan. On twitter, he posted that "Satoshi Ishii is just fine;" further, "the people who spread these false rumors about other people's lives and livlihoods should just die," he also tweeted.

This is not in itself a complete debunking of the rumor. However, being that it comes from someone close to Ishii, it clearly may be regarded with an air of credibility. In response to these posts, some relieved fan messages were as follows: "Good news, I'm glad Ishii is not really retiring"; "We have good news for now"; etc.

Hopefully Chonan's version of the story is correct and Ishii is fine.  I'll keep on top of this story as it develops.




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