Pat "Awesomely Awesome" Audinwood has been featured on this site several times in the past.  He is Team Bombsquad fighter, undefeated at 9-0-1, and is one of the biggest 155ers I've ever seen.  I knew it was just a matter of time before Pat got the call from the UFC, and as usual I was right.

A little birdy told me today that he has been signed by the UFC, so I called my good friend Gary Marino, who manages Audinwood, and asked him point blank.

Garv: Gary, is the rumor true that you got Pat Audinwood into the UFC?

Marino: Yes, it is.

Garv:  And you didn't tell me because....?

Marino: (Laughs) The ink isn't even dry yet.

Garv: What are the terms of the deal?

Marino:  It's a 4 fight contract and it looks like his first is going to be on Sept 25 in Indy.

Garv: Do you know the opponent?

Marino: Looks like it might be Aaron Riley, but nothing is signed yet.  That's the name we're hearing.

Garv: Excellent fight. Aaron has a lot of experience, should be a war.  Congrats on getting Pat into the big show.  That makes four Team Bombsquad fighters in the UFC/WEC.  Jones and Massenzio, who are both fighting on August 1st, Anthony Leone in the WEC and now Audinwood to the UFC.  Not bad!

Marino: Oh, it feels great to be involved with the UFC.  The UFC is the one number one organization . Pat had literally 4 contracts sitting on the table from other organizations.  But we held out for the UFC because that's where everybody wants to be.  It's everyone dream to fight in the UFC.  It's the Superbowl of MMA.  When we see [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva's name on the phone, it's a beautiful thing.

Looks like Team Bombsquad is used to seeing Joe Silva's name pop up on their phones.  They have a great camp up in Cortland, NY, a state where MMA is still illegal.  Having a team with Bombsquad's level of success thrive in a state that is too ignorant to sanction MMA is quite a feat.

Gary went on to tell me that Mike Massenzio's camp is going great great and Mike is looking beastly in training.  He's had a few tough breaks with injuries and I'm glad to see him healthy heading into his fight with Brian Stann on August 1st at the Versus show.  Mike is a very talented fighter and I think he'll open a lot of eyes in a few weeks.

In fact, I will be on a conference call with him, Gary Marino and trainer/co-manager Ryan Ciotoli next week and will post it here.  So stay tuned for that.

Big congratulations to Pat "Awesome Awesome" Audinwood, a fighter I have had the pleasure of ring announcing several times.  Will Bruce Buffer be able to deliver his name with the style and panache that I do?  Of course not.  But he'll do fine.

Here's a video interview I did with Pat back in 2008.



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